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Tom Luongo: Understanding Political Complexities, Truth and The New Gold Price

Tom once again welcomes back our other favorite Tom, the Tom Luongo. Together they explore the significance of recent political events such as Supreme Court decisions, European elections, US presidential debates, and the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy. Luongo argues that these seemingly disparate events are interconnected parts of a larger strategic move by various forces within the United States and Europe. He expresses frustration with the media’s attempts to shift focus from crucial issues and calls for accountability from those in power.

Luongo discusses Trump’s mercantilist economic approach, potential political unrest in Europe leading to a sovereign debt crisis, and the complexities of understanding politics through examples like Thomas Massie’s appearance on Tucker Carlson and Julian Assange’s release from prison. Luongo also delves into the historical context behind global powers manipulating gold prices and weakening Russia, with criticism towards figures like Churchill.

Furthermore, there are discussions about the Chevron deference, its implications on power distribution between branches of government, and how Islamic eschatology might influence current political events involving Donald Trump. Luongo encourages listeners to maintain an open mind and seek diverse perspectives while acknowledging the complexities of understanding politics. Lastly he suggests several books like ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand for gaining insight into these issues. A summary of recommended reading can be found below.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:39 – The Great Debate
6:30 – Orchestrated History
16:40 – Control & Premeditation
27:20 – Pres. Harris & Alternatives
43:18 – Powell & Trump Season 2
47:42 – ECB Cuts Vs. Powell
57:49 – Trump & Inflation
1:01:45 – Chevron Deference
1:08:10 – Impacts & Effects
1:16:18 – Islamic Eschatology
1:28:29 – Assange & Timing
1:32:07 – Mercantilism & Gold
1:45:40 – Recommended Reading
1:53:03 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The various forces manipulating politics through Supreme Court decisions, European elections, US debates, and Fed’s monetary policy.
  • Trump’s mercantilist economic approach causing potential crisis and complexity in understanding political events.
  • Historical context of power dynamics, gold prices, and Russia: lessons and criticisms.

Articles Mentioned:

Faisal’s Interviews:

Recommended Reading:
Bug Jack Barron – Norman Spinrad
Now Wait For Last Year – Philip K. Dick
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – Philip K. Dick

Guest Links:

Tom Luongo is a Former Research Chemist, Amateur Dairy Goat Farmer, Anarcho-Libertarian, and Obstreperous Austrian Economist whose work can be found on sites like ZeroHedge,, Bitcoin Magazine, and Newsmax Media.

Professionally, he has spent a lot of his waking hours inside various analytic laboratories testing your water and soil for contaminants. He watched an industry be created by government fiat and destroyed in the same manner.

He ran for Florida House once and got 2.7% of the vote on Guy Fawkes Day and says, “I’ve since grown up a lot.”

Then he spent 5+ years solving the puzzle of an electroless Nickel-Boron coating that has intriguing wear-resistance properties. Too bad, the coating was better than the company’s business model.

Today, he is the publisher of the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Newsletter, in which he attempts to connect the false narratives of geopolitics to viable long-term investment theses.

As for politics, his position is well-known through his past writings at, Seeking Alpha, and the aforementioned erstwhile blogs.

To sum up:
“Individuals are the only people with enough knowledge about their own lives to have a hope of making the right decisions for themselves, and no amount of guidance or central planning can help that process along.”

He built the house he lives in and raises goats and milks them.

In short, he says, “I’m a libertarian who distrusts all human organizations larger than a two-handed game of poker.”

Lastly, He states, “I own a few guns.”

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