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Arnold Villeneuve: The Power of Private Placements

Tom welcomes new guest Arnold Villeneuve to the show. Arnold discusses his early career choices and how he leveraged his interest in computers. This interest has brought him to become an IT Consultant, teacher, and author. Teaching others has improved his skills and taught him the best ways of conveying information. Storytelling is a very useful way of educating others. His book on ‘Private Placement Profits’ uses these methods to teach others about this overlooked investment instrument.

Arnold explains the various types of private placements and how warrants function. Warrants can provide additional upside profit potential than regular investments.

Finding private placements can be difficult since you have to actively look for these opportunities. You may have to call companies and ask. If you like a company it certainly doesn’t hurt to inquire about private placements.

Some placements are only available to accredited investments but this is usually at the discretion of companies. Some companies don’t want to deal with small investors. There are some risks not unlike buying stocks and not every placement will do well. However successful placements can outperform the regular market. He notes that most placements are only available for a brief period.

Arnold details the concept of “Point of No Concern” which is the point at which you have recouped your initial investment. He describes a few strategies for protecting your investments.

Company management is key when evaluating opportunities. Have they had prior success and what assets does the company hold. It’s also important to invest when the market cycle is providing wind at your back. Currently, we appear to be entering a new commodity cycle that should improve over the coming years.

He makes the case that the current market cycle in broader equities could have a long ways to go. Comparisons can be made to the 1920s and it appears that markets could remain bullish for some time.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:08 – Arnold’s Background
3:59 – Educating and Writing
11:40 – Private Placements
21:05 – Barriers to Entry
24:39 – Accredited Investors
31:25 – Point of No Concern
45:04 – Company Considerations
52:10 – Dow Market Cycle Chart
58:24 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • His background in I.T. and teaching.
  • Understanding Private Placements and Warrants.
  • Market cycles, strategies, and protecting your investments.
  • Researching companies and assessing management.

Guest Links

Arnold Villeneuve is an author, consultant, and instructor.

At 25, Arnold had his Mutual Fund Sales Person certification and ran the Portfolio Transfer Agency IT Department for Worldwide Equities in Toronto, Ontario. His love of mining companies came from growing up in Northern Ontario. Today, Arnold is a 30 year veteran of the IT/IM industry, published McGraw-Hill author, Instructor, and conference speaker. As a Certified Professional Cloud Architect with the major cloud providers, he provides cloud consulting and training services.

One of his areas of specialization is data analytics and visualization which was leveraged in the development of this book. In his spare time, he uses his technology skills to research private placement investment opportunities, and play with more computers. He is a proud owner of two “temi” robots which he is currently integrating with the cloud to reboot Skynet.

He is owned by two rescue Dachshunds, Mickey and Mac, which he has not yet been able to integrate with the cloud without their knowledge to have better control over them (they’re clever!), an issue which he hopes the new Skynet will solve. Hope springs eternal in the heart for technology to solve everything!

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