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Chris Temple: Roaring Uranium Market and Silver Acceleration Imminent

Tom welcomes investor and publisher Chris Temple of The National Investor back to the program. Chris expects a big uranium rally as many things are happening with uranium behind the scenes. Past policies have hindered the US standing in the uranium industry, and Trump is now attempting to correct those policies. The coming supply changes could be opportunities for prudent investors.

Uranium demand is global and mostly unaffected by what happens in the United States. Nuclear is the only green energy that can provide 100% of a countries needs, carbon-free. There are developing countries that will entirely skip building petroleum supply chains and instead build out solar, wind, and then electric vehicles.

Chris is more cautioned when it comes to silver, as the silver market has yet to respond to the market. Large investors and companies consider silver to be an industrial metal. These investors are needed to move the price of silver. Gold and then silver will take off when the traditional inflation scenario returns.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Uranium sector US policy changes.
5:35 – Next uranium cycle could be bigger than the last.
6:40 – Developing countries adopting new tech.
9:50 – Small sector not many uranium companies.
11:30 – Outlook for silver and inflation
18:30 – Potential risks for markets.
23:00 – Fundamentals and narratives.
26:30 – Potential risks from Hong Kong.

Talking Points From This Episode
• The bullish case for uranium.
• China trade and moving manufacturing.
• Silver needs big investors, sill considered industrial.
• Inflation will drive a new gold cycle, and silver will follow.

Chris Temple is the editor and publisher of The National Investor where his focus is teaching his audience how to build an economic lifeboat while finding excellent opportunities. Chris has distinguished himself as an “outlier,” and that strategy has served his audiences well over the years. Mostly self-taught, Chris has studied the modern monetary system extensively over the past four-plus decades.

He distinguishes the knowledge he provides from the oceans of mere information (and much disinformation) that people typically have to wade through. Armed with that knowledge, he has succeeded in saving his audience and subscribers from every significant market decline. Chris explains how in his signature essay entitled “Understanding the Game.” When you truly understand what makes the markets and financial system “tick,” it’s not that difficult.

He has been recognized widely as possessing the talent of finding undervalued companies in many different industries and often recommending them before others.

Chris calls the period we are in now, “The Strange Depression.” He says, “It is more important than ever to start insulating ourselves from the crumbling top-down system.” Chris takes a more upbeat approach to share his ideas, strategies, and resources.

His latest website,, is focused on dispensing knowledge to his fellow man.

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