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Geert Kersten: Creating the First Cancer Drug to be Administered before Surgery

Geert discusses CEL-SCI and explains how they are working on a potentially revolutionary cancer treatment. They have a drug Multikine. It helps the body’s immune system to see and target cancer, which can improve the results of conventional treatment. Multikine is unique in that it is designed to treat patients before surgery. The drug is a combination of 14 natural cytokines, which are the body’s immune system regulators.

Currently, they are in an eight-year trial which is focused on patients that have head and neck cancers. They chose to study head and neck cancers because it’s a generally overlooked segment. Their treatment differs from other conventional treatments in that there is no severe toxicity. They inject the medication around a tumor, which helps the body to identify cancer, and when conventional treatments treat the disease, the body has a much better chance of clearing up any remaining cancer cells. They often see a measurable anti-tumor response, including a reduction in pain and weight gain in only three weeks after treatment.

They are nearing the end of their Phase III clinical trial, which should prove an overall benefit. They have an experienced management team with a lot of experience in the industry. They are hoping to help establish a new first-line standard of care. Once they are successful, they intend to develop for the treatment of other cancers. Around 100 top medical research institutes, universities and hospitals are participating on the phase three study.

Time Stamp References:
0:45 – Introduction
2:00 – Key to cure is the immune system.
4:00 – Timing of treatment.
6:00 – Mangement team.
8:00 – Phase III trial.
11:00 – Why head and neck cancer?
14:00 – How they use the treatment.
17:40 – Study participants.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Potentially revolutionary cancer drug.
• Nearing the end of an eight-year stage 3 trial.
• The medicine helps the body’s immune system.
• The current focus is on head and neck cancers.
• Patients often quickly have reduced pain and weight gain.

Geert Kersten has served in his current leadership role as Director and Chief Executive Officer at CEL-SCI since 1995. Mr. Kersten has been with CEL-SCI from the early days of its inception since 1987. He has been involved in the pioneering field of cancer immunotherapy for almost two decades and has successfully steered CEL-SCI through many challenging cycles in the biotechnology industry.

Mr. Kersten also provides CEL-SCI with significant expertise in the fields of finance and law. Before CEL-SCI, Mr. Kersten worked at the law firm of Finley & Kumble and worked at Source Capital, an investment banking firm located in McLean, VA. He is a native of Germany, graduated from Millfield School in England, and completed his studies in the U.S. Mr. Kersten completed his Undergraduate Degree in Accounting, received an M.B.A. from George Washington University, and a law degree (J.D.) from American University in Washington, DC. Mr. Kersten is also the inventor of a patent on the potential use of Multikine in managing cholesterol. You can find out more at:

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