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John Adams: The Silver Sex Scandal

Tom welcomes back John Adams to the show. John is an economist and internationally recognized thought leader. He is the Chief Economist for As Good As Gold Australia.

John discusses in-depth his legal interactions with Kitco over the past ten months and how he was threatened under Australian libel laws. Kitco claimed to have severe damages from John’s tweets which questioned the nature of various companies’ unallocated fractional reserve metal offerings. Kitco claimed damages but failed to disclose their nature. Numerous other individuals worldwide have also questioned Kitco’s offerings. Kitco’s legal firm failed to respond to the majority of John’s legal questions.

John eventually received a surprising response from Kitco legal firm Dentons which claimed that threats of violence had been made against employee(s) of said firm. The threats came from someone “acting in response to the incendiary rhetoric and vilification of Kitco and Dentons in your client’s social media postings.” They further stated they had referred the matter to Law enforcement, specifically the NSW Police. John contacted the NSW Police with an offer to answer any questions but law enforcement never followed up. At this point, the matter is assumed to be closed as many months have now passed.

Lastly, John discusses the risks of having metals in unallocated pool accounts and why these programs don’t provide legal ownership.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:42 – Questions
5:28 – Denton’s Notice
11:20 – Injurious Falsehood
16:50 – John’s Response
31:00 – Threat’s to Dentons
38:04 – John’s Superpowers
43:50 – State of Claims
45:45 – Educating & Legal Title
49:12 – Wrap Up

Guest Links:

John Adams is an internationally recognized thought leader and has extensive public policy, political, management consulting, and media experience. John brings a wealth of diverse skills and experiences across several industries in driving organizational and public policy outcomes.

As Chief Economist at As Good As Gold Australia, he provides analysis and commentary through economic articles and online interviews. The Australian and global economies are well into unchartered waters, awash with unprecedented levels of debt.

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