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Chantelle Schieven: We Have a Long Way To Go in this Gold Bull Market

Chantelle started her career in economics when she became interested in how central banking could smooth out markets. She then moved from monetary policy into researching gold. She started working for Dundee Economics publishing in September 2008 shortly after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. Today she works from Canada as Research Head at Murenbeeld & Co.

She says, “When no one wants to talk to you about gold, you know you’re at the bottom of the bear market.” When investors are attracted to other assets, then gold often gets overlooked. Gold is now becoming noticed again, and we see the change in the public interest.

They believe the bull market started in 2015, and the only thing that could affect the price of gold would be if the US dollar were to strengthen.

They take a macro perspective to look at what effects the gold price. Interest rates, the dollar strength, and overall equity performance are factors that control the price of gold. They look at the global debt levels as there is only so much debt that governments can sustain.

We have a ways to go in this bull market before this market ends. Chantelle expects gold will take out its inflation-adjusted high from the 1980s, which is around $2700. The US dollar is in a long term downtrend, and she expects that trend to continue. If we start to see something that distracts investors from the gold market that may mark the top. They have been developing indicators to gauge when generalist investors have entered into the gold market.

She discusses a wide range of books that have shaped her viewpoints on markets and investing.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Her career in economics and gold.
2:30 – Gold bear markets and investors dollars.
4:10 – Outlook for this gold bull market.
5:15 – Their macro viewpoint on gold.
6:20 – Indicators they use for gold.
7:50 – Gold will reach $2700.
9:10 – Books on trading and economics.
11:30 – Measuring investor interest.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Sentiment in gold markets
• Factors that could affect the gold price?
• Global debt and its influence on gold.
• What the top of the bull market may look like.

Chantelle Schieven, MA is Research Head at Murenbeeld & Co. where she contributes articles, research, and analysis in the weekly and monthly publications. She specializes in research and analysis with a focus on the effects of macroeconomic events and data on the gold price, equity markets, exchange rates, and interest rates.

She brings fifteen years of experience from the financial industry and five years of entrepreneurial practice to the Murenbeeld & Co. team. Chantelle’s passion for Economics, particularly monetary and fiscal policy, was sparked in her early days working in the banking sector. She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics, then a Master of Arts degree in China-US Relations with a focus on financial markets and monetary policy from the University of Hawaii at Hilo.

Chantelle joined Dundee Economics in 2008 where her passion for economic research and analysis made her a principal contributor to Dundee Economics publications.

She also regularly contributed articles about the effect of the actions of Central Banks on global markets.

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