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David H. Smith: Strong Tailwinds in Store for Metals

Tom welcomes David H. Smith, Senior Analyst for The Morgan Report, to the show. David discusses how to outperform other investors in the markets and what pitfalls to avoid. He outlines three strategies investors could deploy to find good opportunities.

He gives us an overview of the metals current technical picture and the massive potential with silver. This bull market will likely be very exciting, but you need to develop a plan for keeping those profits.

Many investors are starting to realize that there may not be any metals to obtain if they don’t act soon. David recommends holding physical before you invest in the miners.

Many mines are nearing the end of their ore life and have done little exploration. This lack of foresight will lead to a crisis in reserves. Today, there are very few primary silver producers in the world.

He discusses the requirements ETF’s are held to and how their overall performance can be impacted.

When it comes to miners, management is critical, along with their cash burn rate and how they have handled past downturns. They must be finding more reserves, and you should determine how they treat their shareholders. You want people who are well known, successful and are amongst the best in the mining space.

There are several projects in cryptocurrencies that are trying to be backed by gold and silver. He believes this will lead to another unexpected tailwind for the metals markets, as this backing will require metal.

Time Stamp References:
0:37 – Stock market strategies.
4:00 – Historic lows in commodities.
8:35 – How we know this bull is real.
12:00 – Capturing profits.
17:15 – Panic mania market is coming.
19:55 – Premiums and having physical.
23:20 – People are buying regardless of price.
27:10 – Declining reserves of metals.
30:00 – ETF’s versus chosing your own stocks.
32:20 – What to look for in miners.
38:10 – Lode cryptographic silver project.
43:30 – Focus on a plan and keep calm.

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Strategies for investing and keeping profits.
  • Massive potential of silver.
  • ETF Performance vs. picking your own stocks.
  • Finding the best projects.

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David H. Smith, Senior Analyst for, is a contributor to Money Metals, The Prospector News, and the LODE Cryptographic Silver Monetary System (CSMS) Project. He investigates mines and exploration sites in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, China, Canada, the U.S., and shares his research with readers, the media, and investment conference attendees, both F2F and Virtual.

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