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Tom Luongo: The End of the Paper Gold Market?

Tom welcomes back the other Tom to the show. Please welcome, Tom Luongo producer of the Gold’s Goats and Guns blog and podcast. Tom is also an editor at Newsmax and a regular contributor to the Financial Intelligence Report.

Tom explains how Russia’s operation in Ukraine has been fairly impressive given the minimal amount of forces they have allocated. Russia is fighting a fairly inexpensive artillery war, and Ukraine is a huge country. Russia wants to leave Ukraine in a position where they are incapable of threatening them again. Much of Eastern Ukraine is historically Russian. Ukraine has been outlawing the Russian language to create conflict since 2014.

The visit by Pelosi to Taiwan was intentional to gauge the response by China. China’s response was limited, and cooler heads seem to have prevailed. The U.S. appears to be taking a similar approach to that of Ukraine, as to gradually build up pressure on China.

Tom believes there is a confluence of events happening in late September. There will be referendums in liberated parts of Ukraine to become part of Russia. The FOMC is meeting in late September and quite likely will bring a surprise rate hike. There are also elections in Italy which may take them out of the European Union.

Tom explains the geopolitics between Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States. American influence in Italy has been putting pressure on them to leave the union. The U.S. banking system has largely isolated itself from the impacts of the European system.

U.S. banking interests appear to be in direct conflict with old European interests. There is no need for commercial banks under Davos desire for Central Bank Digital Currencies. These currency systems will give those that in charge an abundance of control.

The E.C.B. is capable of going bankrupt, unlike the Fed. The Euro is badly designed, perhaps intentionally. The E.C.B. needs a higher gold price because that’s the only asset on their books that has value. By raising rates, the Fed can force a sovereign debt crisis on Europe. Basel III rules are all about doing away with the derivative paper markets to improve the physical spot market. The Fed doesn’t want the dollar compromised by higher gold.

Tom believes the Fed will eventually bring rates up to six percent. There will be massive capital flows into the United States. Europe is going to have major problems, and with any luck, the Davos crowd will soon be gone.

Try and be flexible and keep in mind how the state of the game can change.

The goal is survival as these giants play, and gold is just a part of that equation. We all want to get through this the best way possible.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:50 – Russia’s Objectives
9:36 – Eastern Ukraine
14:53 – Taiwan & Pelosi
18:45 – A September Confluence
22:58 – European Politics
30:25 – U.S. Vs. Davos
35:15 – CBDC’s & Control
44:00 – Capital Flight & Gold
50:00 – U.S. Bank Isolation
1:00:08 – Fed, Debt & Gold
1:07:48 – China & the CCP
1:10:37 – Ind. Metals & Inflation
1:13:02 – Confidence Wars
1:17:40 – The Goal is Survival
1:22:35 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode:

  • Russia’s goals in the conflict with Ukraine.
  • Multiple events are going to make September an interesting month.
  • U.S. Banking interests, the dollar, rates and the impact on European interests.

Guest Links:

Tom Luongo is a Former Research Chemist, Amateur Dairy Goat Farmer, Anarcho-Libertarian, and Obstreperous Austrian Economist whose work can be found on sites like ZeroHedge,, Bitcoin Magazine, and Newsmax Media.

Professionally, he has spent a lot of his waking hours inside various analytic laboratories testing your water and soil for contaminants. He watched an industry be created by government fiat and destroyed in the same manner.

He ran for Florida House once and got 2.7% of the vote on Guy Fawkes Day and says, “I’ve since grown up a lot.”

Then he spent 5+ years solving the puzzle of an electroless Nickel-Boron coating that has intriguing wear-resistance properties. Too bad, the coating was better than the company’s business model.

Today, he is the publisher of the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Newsletter, in which he attempts to connect the false narratives of geopolitics to viable long-term investment theses.

As for politics, his position is well-known through his past writings at, Seeking Alpha, and the aforementioned erstwhile blogs.

To sum up:
“Individuals are the only people with enough knowledge about their own lives to have a hope of making the right decisions for themselves, and no amount of guidance or central planning can help that process along.”

He built the house he lives in and raises goats and milks them.

In short, he says, “I’m a libertarian who distrusts all human organizations larger than a two-handed game of poker.”

Lastly, He states, “I own a few guns.”

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