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Brett Heath: Golds Performance has Created an Exceptional Opportunity

Tom welcomes Brett Heath, President, and CEO of Metalla Royalty & Streaming, back to the show. Brett is excited about the resource space, as very little capital has moved into gold equities during the past two years. Valuations are near historic lows, which makes the space an excellent opportunity. Seasonally, December through February are strong months for gold.

The large players need to notice gold moving higher to bring larger capital flows. It’s steadily setting up for such a move in the next year or so. There is an incredible amount of upside in the metals.

We will probably see gold move with the dollar. Gold has been doing quite well against most currencies. It will move when we see a sovereign debt crisis.

Confidence will be lost during the energy crisis this winter. There are countless inflows into the U.S. dollar due to its status. Eventually, capital will flow back into gold and resource equities.

He discusses some of the criticisms against royalty and streaming products and the differences.

We’re seeing a lot of M&A activity around quality projects. Jurisdiction used to be a little bit less important, but today it has become a major concern. Ease of permitting is essential in countries with good rule of law. You want to invest where past companies have had good success.

The next mining cycle will be one for the record books.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – The Resource Space
2:43 – Tax Loss Selling
4:16 – Attracting New Capital?
9:00 – Crypto & Crisis
10:18 – Confidence & Pensions
13:26 – Company Input Costs
14:34 – Royalty Criticisms
15:50 – Streaming Vs. Royalty
21:02 – M&A Activity Trends
22:20 – Jurisdiction Thoughts
25:50 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode

  • Outlook for the resource space and why investors should be excited.
  • What catalysts may be needed for gold to make its move.
  • Differences between royalty and streaming products and investing tips for the resource space.

Guest Links:

Mr. Heath is President and CEO and Director of Metalla Royalty & Streaming. Mr. Heath has a comprehensive career in the structured finance, corporate finance, and investment management industry. He was previously the Chairman and CEO of High Stream Corporation before Metalla acquired it in August 2016. High Stream was a specialty streaming and royalty consulting company where he worked with First Mining Finance, (FF:CVE) and several other private equity funds, advising and brokering metal streaming transactions. Before that, he was the President of a private streaming company where he deployed $11 million in 4 producing streaming transactions in 3 separate jurisdictions. Before that, he was a founding principal of KSIR Capital Management, a hedge fund focused on small and micro-cap mining companies. He also advised several mining companies with KSIR Capital, the corporate finance division of KSIR.

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