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Tony Barresi: Exploring a New Gold-Rich Porphyry Discovery in the Yukon

Tony joins the Palisade Team at Jekyll island where he gives the Triumph Gold presentation. He shows some of their recent successes and why they think there is a lot more to be found. Their plan for 2019 is to continue exploring and testing their new geological model.

Tony provides a layman’s overview of their exploration property Freegold Mountain. Their district-scale property has good infrastructure with excellent road access and is being upgraded by the Yukon government.

They have conducted an aggressive drill program over the past two seasons based around Tony’s ideas about the property. They have been able to refine their geological model and have made some excellent discoveries. In 2018, they made one of the best hits on a greenfield project discovering the Yukon’s highest grade porphyry. They have done a deep-penetrating IP survey and it shows a large high chargeability zone that has never been drilled at depth.

There is an open void filled with an intrusion on the property which is a prerequisite for having a porphyry deposit. They have found prophyry and mineralization wherever they have looked under their new model. They believe they are sitting on a vast in-situ hydrothermal system with a large buried intrusion. Their drill program will test this new model by drilling up to 1600 meter holes. These will be the deepest holes ever drilled in the Yukon. Tony is quite optimistic that they will find an excellent resource at depth. He feels that 2019’s exploration will “Blow the top off the Yukon.”

Time Stamp References:
0:45 – Introduction to Triumph Gold
3:00 – Tony’s assessment of the original property.
4:30 – Discovery of higher grade mineralization.
5:40 – Good Infrastructure
9:00 – Property overview
11:00 – History of exploration
12:00 – Building a geological model for the property
15:30 – Discovery of a large hydrothermal system.
19:20 – Region of soil anomalies.
21:30 – Believe that there is a large intrusion under the property.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Freegold Mountain has good infrastructure.
• Discovered the Yukon’s best porphyry.
• The new model shows great potential.
• Tony believes 2019 will blow the top off the Yukon.

Tony Barresi, Ph.D., P.Geo is Vice-President of Exploration at Triumph Gold. He is an economic geologist with greater than ten years of base and precious metal exploration experience. He has conducted successful exploration programs on grassroots and brownfields projects and specializes in volcanogenic massive sulfide, porphyry, and epithermal deposit exploration. He also has experience conducting exploration for rare-earth-element, Mississippi-valley type, iron-oxide-copper-gold, skarn, orogenic gold, and diamond deposits. Tony obtained his B.Sc. (honors) from Saint Mary’s University in 2004 and a Ph.D. from Dalhousie University in 2015. His Ph.D. thesis focused on the interplay between island-arc evolution and metallogenesis as recorded by the Hazelton Group in northwestern British Columbia, within one of Canada’s premier metal districts. Tony was awarded the prestigious Mary-Claire Ward Geoscience Award for his thesis by the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) and the Geological Association of Canada (GAC).

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