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Vince Lanci: War is Accelerating Gold, Oil, and Dollar Buying

Tom welcomes Vince Lanci back to the show. Vince discusses how the availability of information about gold and precious metals has increased through decentralized, fragmented legacy media. This has allowed the average person to access and analyze reliable information about the gold industry, unlike in the past where information was kept hidden. He also mentions the disparity between reliable information from platforms like this one and the sensationalism seen in the mainstream media.

Vince shares his opinion on the current gold price movements and his experience in the gold and silver markets. He talks about the influence of large, influential people in China buying gold, and how this has led to a rally in the gold market. He credits his mentor, a retired executive of the Bank of China, for shaping his understanding of the market.

The conversation then shifts to the topic of Middle Eastern wars and their impact on the gold, silver, oil, and US dollar markets. Vince shares his observations of how these markets rally during a Middle Eastern war, and how they react once it becomes clear that there is no immediate threat to oil production. He also discusses his idea of “buy season” and how it typically occurs in January, July, and September.

The discussion then moves to the evolution of the BRICS nations and their efforts to diversify their foreign exchange and internationalize their currencies. Vince talks about China’s efforts to internationalize the Yuan and become a global reserve currency. He mentions the challenges China faces in setting up the necessary technology but notes their steady improvement in the supply chain of precious metals.

Vince also touches on the role of the IMF and the BIS in international trade and their changing views on gold. He discusses how the IMF’s paper on gold in international trade signaled a shift in the conversation and highlighted the need for the G7 to use gold as a trading tool to stay competitive with the BRICS.

Finally, the conversation touches on micro-level decentralized finance and the insights of Zoltan Pozar, a consultant specializing in big picture banking and decentralized finance. Vince mentions the influence of Pozar’s research in the West and China.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Media & Narratives
10:12 – Vince’s Avatar
12:26 – Shanghai Buying
19:26 – GLD/SLV Shenanigans
30:10 – Israel Risk & PM Buying
36:07 – PM Mkts & Seasonality
40:47 – BRICS & Currencies
50:17 – IMF & Int’l. Reserves
56:20 – Argentina, IMF & Dollar
1:02:17 – Zoltan Pozsar & Bonds
1:08:42 – Concluding Thoughts
1:10:14 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Vince has provided insights on the relationship between gold, stocks, and the Fed’s easing policy, with advice to consider taking profits if long on gold.
  • The IMF and the BIS have shifted their position suggesting it may be useful between G7 and BRICS countries.

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