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Gregor Gregersen: The Death of the US Dollar

Tom welcomes Gregor back to the show to discuss the action in the silver markets. He’s seen a clear increase in silver demand from European and Canadian markets. There is a lot of unease in the world and that seems to be driving demand.

Having metals is important because cash in the bank doesn’t really exist in a physical sense and it’s also the bank’s property. Essentially, you are an unsecured creditor.

The dollar had a confidence crisis around 1981, and the action of Volcker boosted that confidence when he raised rates. Today, we are at a similar point with inflation entering the danger zone. However, the Fed can’t raise rates enough to rebuild confidence because of the massive leverage in the system. MMT theory claims it doesn’t matter how much we print. There is no good ending to this economic situation and the dollar is likely to lose its reserve status this decade.

Gold and silver should be higher than they are now. It seems like they are being pressured to stay down. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it still gives people an opportunity to buy.

He explains how they have limited exposure to other parties in the event of nationalization. If you’re storing your gold with a global storage company they may be obligated to obey certain regulations around the nationalization of metals. This is why Singapore is advantageous because their government is the last place that would ever consider nationalization. Singapore is very wealthy, doesn’t have much debt, and its pensions are fully funded. They have a lot of financial assets which offset their debt. People have a lot of confidence in the Singapore government and the country has excellent private property rights. Also, Singapore has a sizeable military and air force in many ways it’s very similar to Switzerland.

Gregor discusses how their Cache token works and is fully backed by physical metal. These tokens can be traded freely and also converted to gold. These can of course be converted back to Bitcoin and used with many exchanges.

Their new vault has the highest capacity of any vault in the world. The size of the vault could also enable the storage of other metals such as aluminum and nickel.

Investors should consider putting some of their money into gold and silver. Having bullion seems more important now than ever.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – Canada
2:42 – Cash & Banks
5:33 – Bullion Premiums
6:43 – Inflation & Dollar
11:20 – Inflation Drivers
13:25 – Offshore Bullion
19:48 – Cache Token
24:34 – Singapore Facilities
34:34 – Other Metal Storage
41:59 – Platinum & Palladium
44:05 – Inflation Assets
47:40 – Concluding Thoughts

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The importance of having metals in this economic environment.
  • How Cache gold is backed by physical metals and yet freely tradeable.
  • Vaulting solutions and why Singapore is a safe jurisdiction.

Guest Links
Cache Gold:

Gregor Gregersen is the founder and owner of Silver Bullion SG and Safe House Depository, a premium bullion dealer and storage facility in Singapore. Gregor has a background in finance and software development. Gregor was a Senior Data Architect for Commerzbank in Germany. He started Silver Bullion Pte Ltd. In April 2009.

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