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Sam Laakso: A Financial Crisis is on the Way & Will Push Gold Much Higher

Sam is a Finnish investor who focuses on options trading with a specialization in currencies and gold. He is currently working as a gold broker in Finland.

2015 was the bottom of the bear market for gold, and he doubts that we will ever see those levels again. Gold may retest the 2016 highs over the next month and then head higher by the end of this year.

He says, “Only a handful of juniors ever make it to production,” so for that reason, he doesn’t follow the junior space. He agrees that investors can find substantial opportunities if they follow the juniors quite closely.

Sam’s thesis discusses the structure of the gold market and how China is critical for understanding the physical flow of gold.

He discusses the lack of direct evidence for manipulation in the gold markets, but there are some areas where there are legitimate concerns.

Market cycles are reflections of investor sentiment that occur over different time scales. Everything in nature is cyclical, and therefore it makes sense that markets would be similar.

Sam believes that markets are inherently inefficient and that underlying systemic risks have yet to be priced into gold. He recommends investors keep a close eye on the Fed’s balance sheet over the next few months. Don’t try and call markets but instead diversify your portfolio and invest in physical if you believe in gold.

He likes “Market Wizards,” a book by Jack D. Schwager, which is a must-read since it contains many valuable lessons. Another excellent book is “Barometer of Fear” by Alexis Stenfors, which explains why markets can’t be efficient.

Time Stamp References:
0:35 – His investment career.
1:40 – End of the bear market and price action today.
3:10 – What are the potential for juniors?
4:50 – Structure of the gold market and manipulation.
9:30 – Sentiment and market cycles.
13:00 – Favorite books and authors on investing.
15:20 – The Fed and why investors should be cautious.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• The short-term outlook for gold.
• Why he finds the junior space to be risky.
• Gold investors should look closely at China.
• Market inefficiencies and the Federal Reserve.

Sam Laakso is a Finnish investor, analyst, and a trader who has been investing in the financial markets since 2012. Sam has been an active trader since 2016, trading stock indexes, currencies, gold, silver, oil, and occasionally other commodities and bonds. He uses futures, ETFs, and options in his trading primarily. Sam’s analysis is based on market cycles, which can range from weeks to decades. In addition to cycles, Sam utilizes a wide range of approaches to determine the future directions of the markets.

Sam is currently working as Head of Trade and Sales at Voima Gold, providing services to Institutional and Large Clients. Sam is also the official Gold Market Expert for Voima Gold. Before this, Sam has worked in Europe as an investment specialist specializing in exchange-traded derivatives and products. Sam’s career in Finance started in 2017 when he moved to Amsterdam to work for a local brokerage company.

During his career, Sam has provided numerous market analyses for different investment communities. In his market analyses, Sam often discusses cycles and precious metals markets as well as the global economy. Sam has performed for live audiences’ excess of 1 000 people concerning trading software and unconventional market analyses.

Sam is the main author at SKAL Capital, where he gives insight and commentary to market movements, discusses trading ideas and cycles analysis.

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