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Cecil Musgrave: Warren Buffett Style Investing In Mining – This Is Not Supposed To Happen!

Ben Graham value investing now exists in the mining space – the type of investing that Warren Buffet is famous for. But this is simply NOT supposed happen. Why? Because mining companies have reserves and resources in the ground, which are reflected in a company’s share price… that is, in a normal market.

Cecil Musgrave, publisher of, contends that today’s market is so broken that certain mining companies are trading at just 2X and 3X earnings, with book values far exceeding their market caps, and reserves and resources discounted to ZERO.

Cecil Musgrave is Investors Guru’s Editor-in-Chief. Prior to this Mr. Musgrave worked for bank owned and private brokerage firms. In 1988 he completed the Cdn. Securities Course, and while registered as an investment advisor expanded his licensing by completing the RR Manual Exam, Cdn. Options Course and Cdn. Futures Exam. Mr. Musgrave was also a director of Starpoint Goldfields, a Congo Africa gold and diamonds explorer listed then on the VSE. He has also owned and operated several private businesses, before and after working in the securities industry.

Talking points of this week’s interview –

• Why knowing if the bottom in mining is in no longer matters?
• No inflation yet, but what is shrinkflation?
• How the GDXJ destroys the values of mid-tier mining companies and how you can benefit, especially in December?
• And, Cecil reveals his 3 favorite Warren Buffet value mining picks!

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