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David Collum – Rudy Havenstein – Tom Luongo: Twas The Financial Nightmare Before Christmas

In this episode of Palisades Gold Radio, host Tom Bodrovics welcomes David Collum, Tom Luongo, and Rudy Havenstein to discuss various topics, including the upcoming US election and the state of the economy. The panel discusses the possibilities surrounding Donald Trump likely securing the Republican Party’s nomination and the opinions of Wall Street on Nikki Haley and her support from Jamie Dimon. They express fears that the 2024 election could be a disaster, with tensions within the Democratic party and the potential for an outsider like Bobby Kennedy or Michelle Obama to enter the race. The conversation also touches on the parallel interests of liberal and conservative politicians when it comes to war and money.

The discussion then moves to concerns about the concentration of power in the US executive branch, the potential for extreme actions by Trump post-election, and the hypocrisy of the Democrats in their response to election challenges compared to their outrage over Russian interference claims in 2016. The panel expresses hope that Trump, if re-elected, will follow the rules. They also predict that if the election were free and fair, Trump would win convincingly, potentially leading to a Republican majority in the Senate and House.

The conversation then shifts to the Federal Reserve and its policies. Speculations arise about rate cuts and the pivot of the Fed towards a more dovish stance. Concerns are raised about the impact of rate cuts on the economy and the need for changes in government spending and reducing deficits. The panel discusses the increasing government spending and the potential consequences, such as inflation as a form of stealth default. They suggest that the markets should be asked for their opinion on the best course of action.

They highlight the need for change and action to address the economic challenges facing the US. They discuss the importance of local communities and supporting local banks and businesses as a way to regain power from Washington, DC. The conversation also touches on the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the economy.

In conclusion, the discussion revolves around topics such as the upcoming US election, the role of Wall Street, concerns about power concentration, the Federal Reserve’s policies, government spending, and the need for change and action to address economic challenges. The panelists express their hopes and concerns for the future of the US, highlighting the importance of grassroots movements and local support.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introductions
0:50 – 2024 Election Disaster?
17:29 – Trump, Fed & Pivoting
28:50 – Something Blew Up?
37:09 – Reverse REPO Concerns
40:12 – Trust & Defaults
48:15 – Vandals & Explosions
53:42 – Unrest & Non-Compliance
1:00:28- Covid & Downstream Effects
1:05:37 – Fixing Student Debt
1:10:57 – Civil Liberties
1:15:39 – Trump & Consequence
1:23:42 – Market Outlook
1:24:30 – Commies, Debt, & Capital
1:29:13 – The Great Taking
1:35:30 – U.S. Advantages
1:40:46 – Depressing Books
1:46:50 – Generational Debate
1:54:54 – Various Pills
1:56:29 – University & Kids Today
2:07:04 – Lack of Critical Thinking
2:09:20 – Upbringings & Inflation
2:18:07 – Trans-Generation-alism
2:23:26 – Gold Interest Today
2:27:14 – 2023 Review & Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Expectations and possible outcomes for the 2024 elections.
  • The Fed and why Powell may not pivot for several months.
  • The impacts of debt and why the entire global system needs delveraging.

David Collum Guest Links:

David B. Collum is an American Chemist and professor at Cornell University. He currently teaches a graduate Chemistry and Chemical biology course.

He also runs the Collum group, which focuses on how aggregation and solvation dictate the reactivity and selectivity of organolithium compounds commonly used by synthetic chemists in academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

Ph.D., Columbia University, MA Columbia University, BS Cornell University.

Rudy Havenstein Links:

Introducing Rudolf “Rudy” Havenstein, a Senior Market Commentator and former Reichsbank President. As Bank President during the tumultuous Weimar Hyperinflation, Rudy was instrumental in furthuring the disastrous effects of unchecked monetary policies. Today, at the ripe old age of 166 Rudy continues his passion for monetary theory and disdain for kleptocracy. His experiences has fueled his desire to educate people about the dangers of fiat money. Inspired by the similarities between his past and the issues of today, he created a Twitter account and Substack, where he documents the absurdities of the financial world and shares his insightful commentary on the state of the economy. With a cheeky serious sense of humor, Rudy often pokes fun at the prevailing narratives and calls out the misinformation disseminated by mainstream media.

Tom Luongo Links:

Luongo is an ex-Research Chemist and Anarcho-Libertarian, whose work can be seen on sites like Zerohedge and Newsmax Media. He has been married for 30 years and has a teenage daughter. Professionally, he has seen an industry be created and destroyed by government fiat. He ran for Florida House and later spent 5+ years working on an electroless Nickel-Boron coating. Additionally, he is the publisher of the Gold Goats ‘N Guns Newsletter. He does not believe in the man-made global warming narrative, and his political views lean toward libertarianism. In his free time, he builds, raises goats, plays hockey, drums, and plays board games. Lastly, he owns a few guns.

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