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George Glasier: Uranium Legend Talks Upcoming Uranium Boom and Best Way to Play

As president and CEO of Energy Fuels from 2006 to 2010, George Glasier put together a world-class management team, acquired several uranium projects and permitted the Piñon Ridge uranium mill in Colorado. In 2006, Energy Fuels appreciated 4500% in the market, making it the best performing stock in Canada that year!

Will the good years repeat? Increasing worldwide demand for uranium cannot be met by existing supply. Taking a new project into production is a tedious process meaning supply crunches are inevitable. The current price is so low that mines have been shutting down. This comes at a time when nuclear power plants are being built at incredible speed.

Modern, cheaper and safer, carbon neutral nuclear energy is replacing fossil fuels all over the world.

George Glasier’s new company, Western Uranium, (OTCQX:WSTRF, CSE:WUC), was launched just 18 months ago. Already, George has assembled a suite of 7 past producing mines, all located in the United States, boasting uranium resources exceeding 100 Mlbs. Additionally, the company has access to an existing mill and possesses the only fully permitted new mill location, which can be built at anytime.

Add to that a revolutionary mining technology called ablation and a recipe is in place for major success. Click below to hear about ablation technology, which reduces costs by over 50% and nearly eliminates mine waste.

Western Uranium is currently undervalued relative to its peers and owns a technology that can undercut it’s peers. Production can be achieved in just 6 months time. Palisade Global Investments is a major shareholder in Western Uranium and a supporter of management and the company.

Talking points from this week’s interview:
• World-wide uranium supply will not meet demand
• The US only produces 10% of its own uranium currently
• Ablation technology set to greatly reduce production costs and lower environmental impact
• Western uranium is currently deeply undervalued

Mr Glasier was previously President and CEO of Energy Fuels Inc (TSX:EFR). During his time at Energy Fuels, he was responsible for assembling a first-class management team, acquiring a portfolio of uranium projects, and leading the successful permitting process that culminated in the licensing of the Piñon Ridge uranium mill; planned for construction in western Montrose County, Colorado. The Piñon Ridge mill will be the first uranium mill to be licensed in the USA in more than 25 years.
More recently, Mr Glasier was President and CEO of American Strategic Minerals Corporation (ASMC), which in early 2012 had established a joint venture with Ablation Technologies LLC for the ablation process. After ASMC elected to focus its efforts away from uranium, he resigned as CEO and was assigned ASMC’s rights to ablation. As announced on the 6th July 2012, BLR has in turn acquired all of the rights held by Mr Glasier with respect to ablation. BLR has subsequently established its own joint venture with Ablation Technologies LLC to commercialise the ablation process for use in uranium on a world-wide basis

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