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Nate Fisher: Gold – The Center of the Financial Universe

Please, welcome back Nate Fisher. Nate is an Investor, Writer, and IT Systems Analyst.

Nate discusses a regular monthly pattern he sees with silver that is indicative of manipulation. Recently, we’ve broken up out of a channel. The long-term chart for silver lacks a completed handle pattern. He believes we are nearing the point of a new measure moved. Demand for green energy and inflation could easily spill over to drive demand for silver.

Silver should have reached fifty back in February, but it seems those on the suppression side are quite good at the game. He notes some surprising prospectus changes occurred during the squeeze.

The total silver supply is estimated to be around 30 billion ounces. Much of which exists as jewelry or locked in electronics that may not be easily recyclable. There is an estimated five billion in bars and coins that could come to market easily. A lot of silver will be in strong hands who hold it as a hedge. Silver is an asset that people buy into when it rises. This interest tends to increase exponentially and the immediate supply can sell out in a weekend.

Nate explains a historical relationship between CPI and inflation that we saw through the 70s and 80s. Back then we only had a few hundred billion in debt. He says, “We now have 100x the debt we had in 1980. Inflation is now taking us into a boiling frog scenario. People are starting to take notice and get concerned.”

Nate discusses hyperinflation and why it’s somewhat hard to define. He suggests that hyperinflation is the process and structure that leads to high rates of inflation. We see this process play out every year in a couple of countries.

Gold and oil often signal the tops and bottoms of the business cycles. If energy prices go thru the roof then we may see price controls on energy. Prices are unlikely to come back down but stay within a new range.

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Silver suppression patterns and options expiration.
  • Silver and green energy demand.
  • Comparing past CPI levels and Inflation.
  • Defining hyperinflation as the process leading to runaway inflation.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:13 – Options Expiration
6:39 – Wait and See
8:58 – Silver Chart
13:11 – Fundamentals & Inflation
15:20 – ETF’s Gold vs. Silver
19:44 – The Silver Squeeze
24:15 – Silver Availability?
30:27 – Inflation & Insurance
34:37 – Defining Hyperinflation
37:57 – Inflation/Deflation Cycles
45:25 – Gold & Oil Thesis
52:39 – Wrap Up

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Nate Fisher is an IT contract project manager living in York, PA. He has an undergrad in Information systems along with a master’s degree in cybersecurity and business administration. Nate has many side interests, one being investing to include precious metals, mining, and rental properties. He is a part-time blogger and writes about PMs, miners, and health and fitness. Nate is a self-described renaissance man, and you can find out more from his website and Twitter.

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