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R.C. Williams and Julianna Ormond: The Fight Between Economic Freedom and Slavery

Tom welcomes R.C. Williams and Juliana Ormond to the show to discuss the implementation of the Sound Money Act. Deriving authority from Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution, the Act will enable states to mint their own gold and silver currency, thereby reducing dependence on federal fiat money. To guarantee successful implementation, the precious metals must be declared as legal tender and be functional in transactions, just like debit cards. Williams and Ormond foresee Florida, Texas, Utah, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Missouri, and New Hampshire as the states most likely to accept the Act. The states’ chief financial officers will manage the system, with technological support from tech firms.

The Sound Money Act, backed by precious metals, presents wealth protection and growth opportunities. They caution this new system should complement, not replace, conventional fiat currencies. This precious metal-backed system has prime potential to inhibit unlawful financial activities and money laundering due to improved transparency and accountability. Moreover, it provides a check on government towards greater restraint over their fiscal activities, deterring overspending and empowering citizens to have enhanced control over personal finances.

Successful implementation of the Sound Money Act requires strong legislative backing. In Florida, this backing is accomplished by winning support from key political figures. Challenges are foreseen, but the procedure is expected to boost state sovereignty and monetary freedom. The states’ rights, as defined by the 9th and 10th Amendments, empower them to independently manage themselves and secure citizens’ interests, even when facing federal intervention.

The group anticipates that if a significant number of states adopt gold and silver as legal tender, it could press the Federal Reserve into critical discussions leading to ideological and practical dilemmas. This could eventually address the debt issue. To help citizens voice their opinions on the matter, the group has initiated the Watchmen Action platform to provide resources required for engaging in research, narrative development, and legislative outreach. The aim is to rally leaders toward valuable public changes despite facing opposition from those entrenched in the current economic structures.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:35 – The Sound Money Act
2:23 – Metals Taxation
3:50 – Leading Key States
6:17 – Texas State Depository
7:45 – Debit Card Solution
10:50 – Metals Vs. Dollars
13:32 – Fiscal Accountability
15:25 – Role & Legislatures
19:16 – Louisiana Keynote
20:34 – Federal Confiscation?
23:50 – Watchman Action
25:37 – Grassroots Resources
30:07 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The Sound Money Act aims to allow states to mint their own gold and silver currency, reducing dependence on federal fiat money.
  • The precious metal-backed system can enhance transparency, accountability, and personal financial control while deterring unlawful activities.
  • Adoption of gold and silver currency by multiple states could potentially drive discussions and address the debt issue.

Guest Links:

Husband and wife team, RC Williams and Julianna Ormond, are lynchpins for the grassroots conservative movement throughout the southeastern United States, through strategic planning and leadership, research and advanced technology expertise, and public speaking and media appearances on radio and television.

Professionally, RC and Julianna co-founded Sherloc Market Research in 2017, harnessing their competitive intelligence capabilities to help middle-market businesses gain and maintain a competitive advantage with their market research technology platform, ParAible.

Sherloc has accurately predicted economic events, Supreme Court Rulings, and the acquisition of Pandora Music by Sirius XM a full year in advance of closing leading to regular appearances on the Salem Radio Network and a weekly TV Show on the BEK News Network, and their daily publication, Ripped From The Headlines, providing key insights on the news of the day.

As co-founders of the Florida Republican Assembly of Orange County, a Judeo-Christian organization and a division of The National Federated Republican Assemblies (NFRA), RC and Julianna have grown the chapter to the largest in the nation and contributed to the launch of 18 additional chapters within the state, and the charter of state Republican Assembly chapters in 9 additional states.

In addition to spearheading the explosive growth of the FRA/NFRA, RC and Julianna contributed to the passing of 11 key initiatives through the DeSantis administration in 2021, including the creation of a law enforcement position for voter/voting integrity by hosting listening sessions with the administration and grassroots leaders from around the state.

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