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Michael Oliver: Silver Will Crush Gold

Tom welcomes Michael Oliver back to the show. Michael discusses his book on Anarcho-Capitalism, which focuses on educating readers in Libertarianism and limited government principles. He discusses their analysis techniques and how they keep emotion out of trading decisions. They successfully utilize their custom momentum indicators to determine future market direction.

“We have a crisis coming based upon the distortions that have been built into political and economic systems over the decades… We’ve created a huge debt bubble… and if that ever comes unwound, then those errors will be exposed like a giant wound being opened.”

In March, the market crash came with a fictional story, but that does not reflect the underlying problem with markets and economies. This rally will likely falter in September and go back in the sewer, and this time we will enter a slow, excruciating bear market.

Michael discusses the broader commodity markets and how they are similar to the late 1970s. During that time, stocks moved sideways for several years, and now commodities are the low-risk, good return place to be as Central Banks will continue printing.

Michael discusses how the Fed has limited control over the longer-term end of the Treasury market. He discusses where he thinks treasuries and the stock market are going over the next year.

The coming chaos will cause fundamental changes in monetary policy, and central banks are going away. There will be a reversion back to market forces and away from centralized banking structures.

He discusses how silver will likely outperform gold over the next couple of years.

Time Stamp References:
0:45 – His book, philosophy, and his early career.
6:20 – Debt and outlook for the US markets.
13:00 – Anticipating market corrections.
18:30 – Commodity performance.
23:15 – Treasury bill expectations yield and rates.
26:15 – Finding the buy signal.
29:20 – Coming dramatic move for gold and silver.
31:50 – Silvers top of the list potential.
35:30 – Performance of miners and juniors.

Talking Points From This Episode

  • His book on the fundamentals of Libertarianism.
  • Financial distortions are systemic.
  • The market may falter in September.
  • Why commodities are the place to be.
  • Outlook for silver.

Michael Oliver entered the financial services industry in 1975 on the Futures side, joining E.F. Hutton’s International Commodity Division, headquartered in New York City’s Battery Park. He studied under David Johnston, head of Hutton’s Commodity Division and Chairman of the COMEX.

In the 1980s, Mike began to develop his momentum-based method of technical analysis. He learned early on that orthodox price chart technical analysis left many unanswered questions and too often deceived those who trusted in price chart breakouts, support/resistance, etc.

In 1987 Mike technically anticipated and caught the crash. It was then that he decided to develop his structural momentum tools into a full analytic methodology.

In 1992 the Financial VP and head of Wachovia Bank’s Trust Department asked Mike to provide soft dollar research to Wachovia. Within a year, Mike shifted from brokerage to full-time technical research. He is also the author of The New Libertarianism: Anarcho-Capitalism.

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