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Jonathan Mergott: Best Performers to be Junior Silver Miners

Tom welcomes a new guest to the show Jonathan Mergott, a Portfolio Manager, Market Analyst, and occasional blogger.

Jonathan discusses what people are missing when it comes to fundamental analysis. Every crisis comes from a loss of faith in the system, which is the main driver for gold. In the 70s, we had a rise in interest rates, which is very different from what we have now.

There are numerous problems today with debt that can’t be fixed. We are supposed to have surpluses from the good times to cover the bad years, but today we can’t even do that. We’re still approaching the point where debts spiral out of control and become unserviceable.

The long-term charts are showing a very volatile market, and we should expect this to continue. The critical thing is to not panic during these dips. He says, “Many of the silver miners look absolutely extraordinary.”

Jonathan notes that the miners tend to lead the underlying metals’ moves, which investors need to keep in mind.

Jonathan notes the recent overnight drops in gold and why they are “interesting.” He thinks the fight is below $1900, and once we overcome that level, we should see the bulls take over the market again. For silver, the level to watch is around $28. Clearly, we are heading for formidable resistance.

He gives us his recommendations when examining charts and why the price is the most crucial factor to watch. “If your not looking at your own position and honestly examining the inverse of your it, then your not being honest.” This market is not suited for everyone, and he gives some recommendations on ways to reduce your portfolio’s volatility along with some targets for gold and silver.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Intro
0:30 – His Background
2:25 – Riding the Gold Bull
5:32 – Fundamental Problems
10:22 – Looking at the Technicals
14:13 – Miners Move First
17:08 – Gold Price Action
21:05 – Price Price Price
23:00 – Miners Undervalued
26:00 – Considerations
30:37 – Lessons Learned
36:04 – Relax, Go Fishing
37:33 – Price Targets
41:04 – Wrapup

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Fundamentals and Confidence
  • Unmanageable debt and deficits.
  • Volatile Assets and Junior Miners
  • Gold/Silver Forecast and Recent Activity

Guest Links:

Jonathan Mergott is Portfolio Manager and Market Analyst in the New York/New Jersey area with 11 years of experience in the market and stock analysis, risk management, investment management, investor relations, and financial analysis.

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