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Nicholas Mertin: Negative Yields Pushing Money into Bitcoin and Gold

Tom welcomes a new guest Nicholas Mertin. Nicholas is the founder of Digifox a digital finance platform and DataDash, the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel.

Nicholas discusses his background in finance and what led him to become excited about Bitcoin.

He discusses how Bitcoin has been operating soundly since 2009 and why he is not that concerned about government interference. Bitcoin is not issued or controlled by any government, and it has a finite supply. Crypto has many benefits as an alternative value transfer system.

He explains how Ethereum differs from Bitcoin in that it allows for the software-defined smart-contracts. These contracts can be used to eliminate the need for third parties, which is revolutionary compared to the regular financial system.

There are risks with cryptocurrencies but not the way most people imagine. There isn’t much direct risk from governments, but there is always a possibility of bugs or software flaws. Smart contracts and software need to be carefully audited and tested.

He discusses the pros and cons of crypto assets that are pegged to fiat currencies.

Nicholas notes that Bitcoin can be a hedge and also a speculative asset. This is because Bitcoin is not fixed to any country or currency, and it has traits similar to precious metals. Also, crypto remains a small market and therefore is more volatile and has more potential for growth.

The key thing is that cryptocurrency is a new asset class, and it isn’t going away. There are clear benefits to having both precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

Nicholas discusses ways traditional investors can dabble in crypto markets through ETN’s and ETF’s. Major companies, including Paypal, are becoming involved in the crypto space. The question is, where will this space be at in another six months?

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Intro
1:30 – Nicholas Background
4:10 – Blockchain Technology
6:45 – Ethereum
10:17 – Benefits & Risks
13:30 – Government Regulation
16:00 – Energy Consumption
17:58 – Tether & Pegged Assets
21:26 – Speculative Asset & Hedge
25:08 – Bitcoin Expanding Cycles
27:40 – Macro Factors
33:31 – Crypto ETF’s & ETN’s
36:23 – Institutional Investors
38:45 – This Bitcoin Cycle
40:45 – Wrap-up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • His background in finance and Bitcoin.
  • Bitcoin & Ethereum
  • Benefits, Risks, and Government
  • ETF’s & ETN’s for Bitcoin

Guest Links:

Nicholas Mertin is Founder of Digifox and DataDash, the largest cryptocurrency YouTube channel. He is an international speaker, thought-leader, and crypto analyst in the space, he’s utilized his over eight years of experience in traditional markets to understand the potential of cryptocurrencies.

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