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Steve Todoruk: Gold Stock Bifurcation

You might not know the name, but you might want to take a listen. Steve Todoruk works side by side with Rick Rule, strategizing for clients and Sprott Global.

The last junior bear market that Steve recalls was from 1997-2001. It did not last as long as this one, but it was bad. Steve now sees bifurcation beginning to occur, whereby many of the quality companies are breaking out to new highs. So what to do?

Steve is an Investment Executive at Sprott Global. Following his graduation, Steve worked for several major and junior mining exploration companies as a field geologist in Canada and the southwestern United States. During that time, he also worked in an underground mine in Canada for two years operating equipment to learn that aspect of the mining industry. Between 1993 to early 2003 Steve was the president of two Canadian-based junior mining exploration companies and a principal in a mineral exploration consulting and engineering firm.

Talking points of this week’s interview –

• Is the bear market in mining stocks over? Steve sees some indications, but also some reasons why it might not be.
• Senior producers typically lead the charge, but maybe not this time?
• Why Steve has his eye on Australian producers rather than Canadian?
• Is this bear market worse than the last several in juniors?
• Will we see a proverbial hockey stick move off of the lows?

To send Steve your junior resource portfolio for a risk-free review, email him at or call 800-477-7853.

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