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Lior Gantz: This Recession is Already in Motion

Tom welcomes Lior Gantz back to the show. Lior is the founder and editor of Wealth Research Group.

Lior discusses the long-term cycles of globalization and deglobalization. Deglobalization is typically very destabilizing, and we may see political problems for several decades. Trust between governments is diminished, and we’re beginning to see this play out, particularly in Russia, where western companies are fleeing.

Markets are calling the government’s bluff over their energy policies. Oil executives are not incentivized to produce in this regulatory environment. The oil industry is going to wait until the politics improve.

The developing world will demand much more energy and oil over the coming years. The environmental regulations of the West will cause energy prices to remain elevated for some time.

Lior explains how the Fed can mitigate the demand side of inflation, but it’s up to the government to improve supply issues.

The dollars’ integrity has not been diminished during the Ukraine crisis. We’re moving towards a two-sided world, with China building up a comparable currency system. They will try and include countries like Indonesia and Russia. We’re looking at a gradual decline in use of the dollar. Eventually, the world will have two global reserve currencies.

Gold is doing exactly what is needed in these times, preserving wealth. Gold is flat, but equity markets are down significantly. This recession is coinciding with labor shortages. Interest rates are rising quickly and this is creating recessionary indications. We’re in a shock period for both stocks and bonds. He believes we’re witnessing a profound shift in Central Banker’s approach to markets.

He doesn’t believe we’re going to enter a generational housing crash. We are likely already near the bottom for real estate. This might be as cheap as this sell-off gets. Markets have priced in numerous problems, but they have not factored the solutions that will come. There are reasons to be hopeful.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:40 – Supply Side Inflation
6:07 – Commodities & Conflict
8:48 – Resource Dependencies
13:34 – Oil & Politics
16:00 – Central Banks & Energy
22:35 – The Dollar & The BRICS
25:46 – Recession & Gold
33:19 – Golds Next Leg Up
37:49 – Housing Crash?
41:26 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The secondary effects of deglobalization.
  • The energy crisis and why the developing world will need a lot more energy.
  • The dollar and the developing Eastern reserve currency.
  • Golds importance and the shift in central bank policies.

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Lior has been called a thrill-seeking entrepreneur by his team. He built and runs numerous successful businesses and has traveled to over 30 countries in the past decade to pursue thrills and opportunities, gaining valuable knowledge and experience.

With Wealth Research Group, Lior allows readers access into the world of the few who beat the markets consistently for decades, thus leveling the playing field of the investment industry. With immense passion and full-force devotion to the readers, Lior’s purpose is to publish content that will have life-long value and allow readers to approach investing with methodical precision and a well-thought-out game plan.

Lior has been actively investing in the markets since the age of 16 and is now bringing the same proven strategies he has implemented himself. He is an advocate of meticulous risk management, balanced asset allocation, and proper position sizing.

His research is relentless and delivers a unique perspective to investors. As a deep-value investor, Lior loves researching businesses that are off the radar and utterly unknown to most financial publications.

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