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Gerald Celente: The Panic Will Hit in 2015!

This week, we are joined by returning guest, Mr. Gerald Celente. Mr. Celente is the publisher of The Trends Journal, and is a well followed and respected trends forecaster. Gerald has long been predicting the trends of economic turmoil caused by central banks, more military conflicts (even WW3), and higher gold prices as a result. Gerald is a strong advocate for people taking back their individual liberties as well, as the government has become more insolvent and out of control.

In this wide-ranging interview with Gerald, you’ll discover:

● Gerald’s take on the 60BN euro a month QE program from the European Central Bank, and how this is a way to manipulate the economy, also done by the US and Japan

● A state of the economy which Gerald refers to as “Bankism”, and why capitalism is dead

● The 15-20% of US junk bonds that are in the energy sector, and what implications low oil prices will have on these bonds

● Gerald’s prediction for 2015, why this is the year in which economic frauds like “the fake US recovery” falls apart

● How gold has outperformed every other currency this year, despite manipulation in the gold market

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