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Henrik Zeberg: Why Gold is Heading to $800 Before an Explosive Upside Move

Tom welcomes a new guest Henrik Zeberg to Palisade. Henrik is a macroeconomist who studies business cycles, Elliott wave cycles, and chart fundamentals. Henrik discusses the long Kondratifeff season cycle, of which we are currently in the deflationary winter period where growth slows.

He expects a sharp decline in gold and similar assets like silver and bitcoin. The US dollar will strengthen, and there will be a dollar shortage around the world. This dollar strength is why the sell-off in gold will occur. Henrik forecasts volatile interest rates during this period, which may have dramatic effects on the market.

When inflation kicks in, the Fed will be helpless and will be out of tools to prevent it. As a result, precious metals and Bitcoin will head much higher.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – His expectations for gold.
2:00 – Overview of cycle theories.
6:50 – Expect a decline in gold.
12:50 – Positioning for the bounce.
16:00 – Bitcoin expectations.
20:00 – Copper outlook.

Talking Points From This Episode
• Kondratiefeff cycles and Elliott Wave theory.
• This deflationary period will continue.
• US Dollar to strengthen and gold will sell-off.
• Expectations for copper and Bitcoin.

Henrik Zeberg is a Macroeconomist (M.Sc. Econ) from the University of Copenhagen. Business Cycles student, Elliott Wave practitioner, and Chartist. His YouTube channel has regular updates on macroeconomic perspectives based on technical analysis and Elliott Wave. Views on the direction of the world economy using long and short term business cycles.

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