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Jamie Strauss: ESG Will be a Silver Bullet for Junior Miners

Tom welcomes back Jamie Strauss. Jamie is the Founder and CEO of Digbee. Digbee’s platform focuses on helping the mining industry with its Environmental Social and Governance disclosures while organizing and compiling relevant reports. Several global institutions established ESG frameworks to improve best practices. By organizing and assisting companies, Digbee can improve ESG outcomes for mining companies.

Digbee has many mining research reports that review published company reports to identify potential opportunities and concerns. These reports can assist in de-risking projects and boost the confidence of those providing capital to companies. He explains their process, which enables experts in the mining sector to write these in-depth reports.

Jamie is speaking at the G7 Summit regarding ESG and how it affects public and private companies in the mining sector. Their focus is on assisting junior companies to improve ESG since, generally, ESG is written for larger companies.

They can provide company boards with sets of questions and standards to improve their ESG disclosures.

Jamie explains their plans for improving their platform, including becoming a central hub for company ESG disclosures and providing reports for investors.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:36 – The Digbee Platform
3:30 – G7 Presentation
5:40 – Explaining ESG
7:02 – Global Standards
9:10 – Three Tiers
14:09 – Funds & Financing
15:57 – Mining Reports
18:26 – Insuring Objectivity
19:57 – Tracking Accuracy
22:35 – Evaluation Metrics
26:28 – Platform Upgrades
27:50 – Emissions
29:39 – Platforms Focus
32:15 – Concluding Thoughts
33:42 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Digbee’s platform and goals.
  • Understanding and improving ESG.
  • Detailed expert reports on mining companies.

Guest Links

Jamie Strauss is the Founder and CEO of Digbee, a SaaS platform designed to enable positive change within the industry. Jamie has over 30 years of experience within investment banks, small boutiques, and as an independent director.

In addition, he is a seasoned independent director of listed mining companies. This extensive experience has inspired Jamie to discover software solutions through the launch of Digbee, to improve the outcome and perception of mining projects through access to right-sized ESG disclosure and cost-effective, plain language and objective technical analysis.

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