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Rick Rule: The Sure Money to be made in Uranium is Dead Ahead

In this engaging interview, Tom Bodrovics once again engages in a thoughtful conversation with the legendary Rick Rule. Throughout their discussion, Rick underscores the significance of patience, persistence, and the power of people when it comes to thriving in equities. He also champions Warren Buffett’s concept of compounding as a vital principle for long-term prosperity.

Rick shares his belief that individuals should prioritize self-reliance over reliance on the political system. He cautions against jumping to hasty conclusions based on market narratives. In terms of economic forecasts, Rick expresses concerns about imminent recessions in both the US and globally, advocating that individuals maintain liquidity and top-tier portfolios to navigate market dips.

Rick further discusses Warren Buffett’s investment philosophies, emphasizing the importance of concentrating on industries in which one is knowledgeable.

Rick believes that gold could outperform various other asset classes due to its present insignificant market presence, coupled with Europe potentially distancing itself from the US. He posits that while the US dollar will continue as a reserve currency, it may face challenges from the developing multi-polar world.

Rick believes government will generally choose various covert methods of confiscating wealth from the population instead of direct overt action. Methods like inflating the money supply and taxation are far more likely than direct metals confiscation.

Rick also voices concerns regarding the banking system’s stability given unrealized losses totaling $517 billion and looming debt maturities. He raises issues of insolvency for lenders due to a disparity between long-term assets and overnight liabilities, as well as commercial real estate portfolios. Rick encourages having some bullion as non-correlated cash offering options during tumultuous markets.

Lastly, Rick shares his insights on the Canadian and US banking systems, appreciating Canada’s banks for higher profitability for shareholders but less favorable conditions for borrowers due to minimal competition. The US market, however, offers a broader selection of financial institutions catering to various clientele as both lenders and borrowers. Rick also highlights his efforts in establishing Battle Bank and the necessity of earning interest on savings.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:37 – Lessons Learned
7:54 – Elections & Investors
10:18 – Education & Blaming Society
12:24 – Recession Probabilities
15:23 – New Paradigms & Understanding
22:16 – The World & Gold
23:50 – Multi-Polar Outlook
26:36 – Covert or Overt Confiscation
29:14 – State of the Uranium Cycle
32:45 – FDIC & Lender Insolvency
35:25 – Commercial Real Estate
37:49 – What You Want in a Bank?
39:25 – Savings, CPI, & Hedonics
41:46 – U.S. Vs. Canadian Banks
44:00 – Return Free Risk
47:24 – Living Standards & Needs
50:34 – Developed Demographics
52:26 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Rick Rule emphasizes patience, persistence, self-reliance, and knowledge for success in equities, with a focus on Warren Buffett’s compounding principle for long-term prosperity. He also expresses concerns about imminent recessions and advocates maintaining liquidity and top-tier portfolios.
  • Rule believes in the potential of gold as an asset class due to its insignificant market presence and Europe distancing from the US, while warning about government covert methods of wealth confiscation and instability in the banking system. He encourages having some bullion during market dips.
  • Rick values Canada’s banks for higher profitability but less favorable conditions for borrowers due to minimal competition. In contrast, he highlights the US market’s broader selection of financial institutions catering to various clientele as both lenders and borrowers. He also discusses his efforts in establishing Battle Bank.

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Rick Rule has dedicated his entire adult life to many aspects of natural resources securities investing. Besides the knowledge and experience gained in a long and focused career, he has a global network of contacts in the natural resources and finance sectors.

Mr. Rule is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and is regularly interviewed for radio, television, print, and online media outlets concerning natural resources investment and industry topics. Prominent natural resources-oriented newsletters and advisories frequently quote him. Mr. Rule and his team have expertise in many resource sectors, including agriculture, alternative energy, forestry, oil and gas, mining, and water.

Mr. Rule is particularly active in private placement markets, having originated in hundreds of debt and equity transactions with private, pre-public, and public companies.

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