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Phillip Streible: Mitigating Portfolio Risk with Commodity Exposure

Phillip discusses why gold is a prudent hedge today since most stocks are near all-time highs. There is a lot of vagueness in the market, which makes this is a good time to diversify into precious metals and to look for other commodities that are undervalued. Most investors today have a perilous portfolio at these price levels.

Cannabis and cryptocurrencies are here to stay, although they are both going through a consolidation period. Phillip thinks there will be a sector rotation between these asset classes and metals but that they are here to stay.

He discusses how trading can be a mind game and that investors should not try to outsmart the markets. Picking tops and bottoms are risky, and he outlines why your better off being a trend trader. He says, “It’s a lot easier to go with the flow than to fight the current.”

Phillip discusses global interest rates and why Trump wants rates to go lower, but the Fed is holding back and expanding its balance sheet at an alarming rate.

As a trend trader, he likes books like “Reminiscences of a Stock Operator,” where he can find lessons that complement his trading style. He says, “You want to learn from other’s mistakes, and you should identify traders that trade like you and learn from them.”

Palladium is very interesting as we see a war on emissions globally, and as a result, demand for both palladium and rhodium is increasing. This is why palladium continues to rise while platinum is holding still. He thinks palladium prices will continue to rise due to the current supply-demand structure.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Stock market valuations, uncertainty, and bubbles.
2:00 – Cannabis and cryptocurrencies.
3:50 – How commodity markets have changed.
5:50 – Psychology mind game of trading.
8:00 – Repo markets, money printing, and the Fed.
10:00 – Favorite books and lessons.
11:40 – Palladium can still go higher.

Talking Points From This Weeks Episode
• Why gold is a prudent hedge in today’s markets.
• The trend is your friend, don’t try to outsmart the market.
• Find similar traders and learn from their mistakes.
• The outlook for palladium.

Phillip Streible is a Series 3 licensed Chief Market Strategist at Blue Line Futures. He has over 18 years of trading experience and is widely known for his knowledge of metals and energy futures.

Phillip specializes in working with clients in developing futures and options strategies in the metals markets. As the Chief Market Strategist, his goal is to show clients how to anticipate, recognize and react to bull and bear market conditions through the use of fundamental and technical analysis techniques that help them to define risk.

He entered the commodity industry in 2002 as a Series 7 licensed Financial Consultant with A.G. Edwards & Sons, and subsequently as a Senior Market Strategist at Lind Waldock and RJO Futures before joining the Blue Line Futures team in 2020.

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