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Dan Blondal: Lithium-Ion Battery Market is Just Beginning

Dan is a professional engineer who began his career mining in the late 80s. He then shifted into medical technology and material science but now his focus on lithium-ion battery technology. The world needs many designs of batteries for everything from small electric scooters to home storage to industrial applications.

Lithium is mined from brines or from hard rock and it must be highly refined. There has been a surge in demand for lithium hydroxide but now the market has shifted back to using more lithium carbonate. Regardless, demand is increasing, and supply isn’t keeping up. We will likely see a very tight supply chain for the next five years.

Solid state batteries technology is still based around lithium, but instead of a liquid, there is a glass-polymer material that holds the electrolyte. This type of battery reduces some of the risks and reduces several of the components. This means a safer denser thinner more efficient battery. Adoption will be gradual over the next ten years and will be somewhat niche as there will be a higher cost.

China has two key objectives. The first is to de-carbonize their cities and reduce smog and the second is the desire to dominate the electric vehicle space. They have been locking in their supply chain wherever possible. China will be focusing on the low-end of the market while perfecting their higher end vehicles.

This is the beginning of a considerable market for battery technology and in the longer term growth in industrial applications. Nano One is in an excellent position to leverage this market.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Dan’s early career.
1:30 – Why renewable energy interests him.
2:30 – Lithium mining.
4:10 – Solid state battery technology.
5:20 – Initial use cases for these batteries.
6:00 – China’s intentions towards E.V. market.
8:00 – We are in the beginning of a very large market.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• We will likely see a very tight lithium supply chain.
• The world including China needs a lot of batteries.
• Solid state battery tech is safer and more efficient.
• China needs to reduce smog and carbon.
• China wants a lot of low-end electric vehicles.

Dan Blondal is CEO, Direct and Founder of Nano One Materials Corporation. He has 26 years of experience as a professional engineer, managing high growth technology in a career that has spanned materials handling, medical devices, industrial printing, nuclear fusion and materials science. He is credited with eight patents issued in Canada, US and foreign jurisdictions. He has served in various roles at Fluor, Andronic Devices, Creo, Kodak, and alternative energy start-up General Fusion, including Engineer, Project Engineer, Product Manager, Technology Manager and Director of Environmental and Regulatory Affairs.

Mr. Blondal brings significant experience in systems engineering, physics, and business. As Product and Technology Manager at Creo and Kodak, he led strategically important initiatives valued at $20M annually to leverage software, laser, and chemical systems for high-quality printing.

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