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Steven Tremblay: Silver Supply is Inelastic and Ready to Slingshot

Tom welcomes Steven Tremblay to the show. Steven is a private investor whose tagline on Twitter is, “I am an investor that strongly believes we are in the biggest debt bubble in the history of mankind. I am a strong believer in gold, silver, and health.”

Steven points out that silver is synonymous with money in many countries around the world. It has many uses in electronics, industry, and medicine, and it’s a miracle metal for him. Silver should come back as a monetary metal, and there are those with ideas on how to blend the benefits of cryptocurrencies with silver.

He discusses the typical ratios for silver in the earth’s crust and gold’s historic monetary ratio to silver. Carefully watching these asset ratios can be useful instead of just measuring against devaluing currencies. Silver’s price is inelastic, which means production can’t be ramped up quickly when the price rises. This is because most silver is mined as a secondary metal (by-product) and usually represents only a fraction of a mine’s revenue.

Carefully watching the ratios including between platinum and palladium and trading these could be an excellent method of building generational wealth. He suggests that investors always have some metal exposure in their portfolios by moving between those with the best value ratio.

He likes the ETF’s for precious metals exposure along with royalty companies because of the relative safety of these investment approaches. These larger baskets of companies can reduce your overall exposure to the risky business of mining.

Lastly, he outlines his entry levels for ETF’s and provides some tips for building a good portfolio. Steven talks about why price and volume are the most critical factors in the charts.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:31 – Silver Supply/Demand
1:58 – Monetary Metal?
3:17 – Silver Ratios
4:32 – Comparing Assets
5:31 – Seasonality
6:42 – Palladium/Platinum Ratio
8:48 – Dow/Silver Ratio
10:34 – Natural GS Ratio
12:08 – Silver Mine Picture
14:33 – ETF Advantages
15:46 – Royalty Benefits
16:35 – Possible ETF Issues
17:22 – Entry Levels
18:07 – Building a Portfolio
19:03 – Charting & Analysis
20:11 – Favorite Resources
21:10 – Farm Land
22:50 – Be Your Own Central Bank
23:16 – Confiscation Risk
24:03 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Uses for silver.
  • Trading metal ratios
  • Platinum & Palladium
  • ETF’s & Royalty Companies

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Steven Tremblay is a private investor with a strong belief that we are in history’s greatest debt bubble. He is a strong proponent of gold, silver, and health. He says, “Investing, trading, and sharing my knowledge is a passion of mine, and I spend many hours honing my skills. Learn from my mistakes/triumphs and follow along on my journey of becoming financially independent and living a life focused on my passions!”

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