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Paul Ogilvie: An Expert Look At Graphite

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Graphite in Ten Minutes with Paul Ogilvie

Paul Ogilvie is one of the world foremost experts on the graphite space. In this interview, Paul answers many of investors’ most pressing questions about graphite, including an explanation of the different types of graphite, price outlook for the mineral, and what investors should look for in a graphite company.

Paul asserts that all graphite is the same at an atomic level — it is all carbon. The main difference is being purity, quality and size. Flake graphite is typically a higher quality and larger size than amorphous. Lump graphite and flake graphite are basically identical, it is just that lump graphite is in a very high grade material in a vein.

Paul discusses pricing for graphite and notes that it is not really published as it is an industrial mineral, but typically can vary from as low as $200 a ton up to $2,000 a ton. He states the most important thing about graphite is its origin or what people in the industry call its signature. A large percentage of the graphite properties do not suit customers needs because they may not fit the end buyers required signature, based on quality and a whole bunch of other factors.

From an investment perspective, Paul advises that investors need to make sure that management understand the business. He says that having a graphite claim is quite academic and what is most important lies in quality and if a customer will buy the product.

Finally, Paul shares his latest company with our listeners — Saint Jean Carbon. Saint Jean Carbon is a lump graphite play with a property that will boast an extremely low capex with ultra high grade graphite.

Paul Ogilvie brings a wealth of knowledge to the graphite sector. Mr. Ogilvie has been extensively involved in several start-ups, including emerging graphite companies, for over 33 years. He most recently served as Chief Executive Officer and Director for both Mega Graphite Inc. and Canada Carbon. Prior to this, in 2007 Mr. Ogilvie led a private investment group in the redevelopment and turnaround of Industrial Minerals Inc. (now known as Northern Graphite Corporation (NGC-TSX.V), a junior mining company that is presently developing one of the largest large-flake natural graphite deposits in the world.

Mr. Ogilvie has direct experience in the development of technologies related to the production of graphite ores and the operation of global graphite markets for base and high purity graphite products.

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