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Cliff – The Liberty Offensive: While the Fed Nukes the Economy, Metals Primed to Move

Tom welcomes Cliff from the Liberty Offensive channel. Cliff discusses why the ideas of Liberty only work when most people agree. Many people don’t even agree on the meaning of terms like Liberty. The way to keep your liberties is to use them to their full extent. A free man needs to defend their beliefs because these are key to their worldview. You should be living it and demonstrating its importance to others, not unlike a religious belief. If you want to spread liberty, you have to tell others. Others need to become inspired by ideas like open carry. Liberty minded folks should impress upon others the importance of freedom and provide inspiration. Show off your freedom and your freedom mindset. Too many people have become complacent, and we must change our approach.

Ultimately, fundamentals will win out since they are tied to the truth, but modern narratives drive everything. However, right now, “We live in a fantasy world, reality has been destroyed.” If you can’t discern the false narratives from reality, then you will eventually get burnt.

The pattern of rates declining for forty years has now fundamentally shifted. The world has now thoroughly changed, and a new Fed pivot will mean something different. This time a Fed pivot will likely be a bad sign because they are essentially cornered. The bigger threat is now the power of government and the risk of depression. We’re seeing this behavior in Europe, where they are printing money to “fix” the energy problem. Politicians are going to make problems worse around the world.

He theorizes that something will break outside the United States. There will be some sort of external reason to stop the tightening.

We’re seeing a culmination of various crisis that are happening around the world simultaneously. We’re looking at more than just a bad year. He discusses all the problems with agriculture and how it’s spilling over to livestock and cattle. Price inflation on food is just beginning.

Cliff notes the miners are all oversold and now is likely a good time to accumulate. Silver may have more upside than uranium. Uranium is showing signs of weakness and a pullback is possible.

Time Stamp References:

0:00 – Introduction
0:49 – Defending Your Liberties
8:33 – Freedom for Granted
10:51 – Fundamentals & Narratives
16:00 – Falling Rates & Charts
23:10 – The ‘Pivot’al Moment
26:22 – Culmination of Crises
32:47 – Ratio Synchronicity
43:45 – Big Producers
46:02 – Uranium or Metals
54:02 – Equities & Commodities
57:16 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • The importance of defending liberty by going on the offensive.
  • Why the very structure of rates and debt has undergone a paradigm shift.
  • The Fed will pivot when something breaks outside of the United States.
  • Outlook for commodities including gold, uranium, silver, and energy.

Guest Links

Cliff is the host of the Liberty Offensive YouTube Channel. He is a macro and technical analyst on gold, silver, energy, and commodities.

He provides quick-hitting analysis of macroeconomic events, daily news cycles, markets, technical analysis, politics, trends, and a dynamic sundry of interesting topics. Topics they regularly discuss include commodities, stocks, charts, money, investing, gold, silver, uranium, crypto, bitcoin, and Ethereum.

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