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Cecil Musgrave: Uranium is Environmentally Sound, Safe and Undervalued – The Ultimate Run is an Uranium Run!

Cecil Musgrave informs us it is possible to make long term projections in the uranium sector. He is a big proponent of nuclear energy for environmental and safety reasons.
Uranium is incredibly cost effective as fuel, the cost of the fuel is trivial compared to the capital and running costs of the plant. Contrary to popular belief there are more reactors open today than before Fukishima. The number of reactors will double in the next decade while the supply of uranium is dropping, though sentiment is still negative. He also gives us detailed analysis of the top uranium energy companies.

Cecil Musgrave is Investors Guru’s Editor-in-Chief. Prior to this Mr. Musgrave worked for bank owned and private brokerage firms. In 1988 he completed the Cdn. Securities Course, and while registered as an investment advisor expanded his licensing by completing the RR Manual Exam, Cdn. Options Course and Cdn. Futures Exam. Mr. Musgrave was also a director of Starpoint Goldfields, a Congo Africa gold and diamonds explorer listed then on the VSE. He has also owned and operated several private businesses, before and after working in the securities industry.

Talking points from this weeks interview:
• The number of reactors is set to double over the next decade
• Reactors have high capital costs but very long lives
• The ultimate run is an uranium run
• Very high head room in the cost of fuel

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