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Lior Gantz: This is the Biggest Test for Gold Yet

If you look at the 2011-2017 gold chart, we are facing the most significant trial yet says Lior. We managed to break through support, but that is being re-tested. If we can maintain support, we should see no further resistance up to $1400. This outcome is contingent on what the Federal Reserve does in December.

The S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq must stop being so appealing for investors and institutions to enter the gold market. Once this trend reverses with another rate hike, we may see a general sell-off and then gold will be seen as a hedge. For the big gains institutions have to re-enter the large-cap metals markets. When that occurs, larger companies will begin buying up the juniors. Most of the gains will then occur over two to five years.

Mr. Gantz discusses the broader markets from 2001 to 2008 how investors made very little money in that period, but gold did well in that same time. Many investors were forced to liquidate market positions during the crisis of 2008 due to lack of liquidity. This is partly why gold stocks have performed poorly in recent years while the general market has done well.

Lior discusses why silver is considered an industrial commodity and what is needed to move the silver market. He says there is a higher likelihood that silver will outperform gold and even more so for the precious metal stocks.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• The U.S. is exporting dollars to the world which is the reason for lack of inflation.
• Current holders of gold stocks are in strong hands.
• Silver needs to be recognized as a precious, not just industrial metal.
• Cannabis is an upcoming speculative market as California and Canada are legalizing it.

Lior Gantz has been called a thrill-seeking entrepreneur by his team, and as such, he built and ran numerous successful businesses, and has traveled to over 30 countries in the past decade in pursuit of thrills and opportunities, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. With Wealth Research Group, Lior allows readers access into the world of the few who beat the markets consistently for decades, thus leveling the playing field of the investment industry. With immense passion and full-force devotion to the readers, Lior’s purpose is to publish content that will have life-long value and allow readers to approach investing with methodic precision and a well-thought-out game plan.

Lior has been actively investing in the markets since the age of 16, and is now bringing the same proven strategies he has implemented himself, and advises people from high-net-worth individuals to subscribers and members. He is an advocate of careful risk management, balanced asset allocation, and proper position sizing. His research is relentless and delivers a unique perspective to investors. As a deep-value investor, Lior loves researching businesses that are off the radar and utterly unknown to most financial publications.

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