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Mark Magarian: The Fed’s Actions are Unprecedented for Gold, Silver, Uranium and Oil

Mark Magarian returns to the show to discuss the markets and the fundamentals for gold. Mark was bullish on the gold market before the crisis began since they were expecting some action by the Fed. However, the pace of the Fed’s efforts has been vast and rapid. He would be absolutely shocked if we don’t see $2000 for gold soon.

Silver offers more leverage as it is cheap relative to gold. Silver will probably outperform once inflation kicks in or when a mania phase develops.

Mark’s focus is on value investing and finding companies that meet his criteria. He discusses the current supply picture for uranium and why we may be nearing the end of the post-Fukushima supply overhang. Investors should consider the potential of uranium and keep it on their watch list. Lastly, he gives us his thoughts on the oil sector and why there is still value present.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Fed’s reaction to the crisis.
1:45 – Gold and paper claims.
4:10 – Retail investors and tops.
5:30 – Interest will come to the gold space.
7:10 – Silver offers more leverage.
9:00 – Value investing and finding deals.
11:00 – People are starting to wake up.
12:45 – Uranium Sector and supply

Talking Points from this Episode

  • Fed actions have been unprecedented.
  • Gold continues to feel undervalued.
  • Value investing in miners.
  • Uranium outlook and potential.

Mark Magarian is a Vice President and Portfolio Manager for Wells Fargo Advisors. He has been in the business for over twenty years. The first half of his career was spent working with hedge funds, and John Paulson was one of his biggest clients. He then moved on to work for Gruss & Co in Risk Arbitrage.

Since moving to the United States twelve years ago, he became a portfolio manager and has focused on a hard asset strategy that has, at its core, a focus on precious metals.

He is a value investor at heart but one with a macro perspective for our position in the market cycle.

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