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Michael Moor: All Pistons are Firing for Gold to Reach New Highs this Year

Tom welcomes back Analyst and experienced commodities trader. Michael now provides advisory through his website moor-analytics to bring actionable intel for traders.

Michael is a technical-based analyst and has a deep understanding of commodities like the natural gas market. He believes that technical analysis can be a powerful tool to get in and out of markets before the fundamentals catch up.

The two experts discussed the technical patterns for gold, the S&P 500, and Bitcoin. For gold, they looked at various timeframes to gain more insight. On the S&P 500, they talked about the exhaustion levels and the bullish correction that could be triggered if the market holds. Michael also noted that the current character of the market is a corrective character, not a trending one. Finally, they discussed Bitcoin, noting that the rollover in November 2021 put the market into a bearish trend. However, they suggested that the market is building a base, and the nervousness has been put on hold.

Overall, Michael Moor is an experienced trader and technical analyst. He believes that technical analysis can be a powerful tool to get in and out of markets before the fundamentals catch up. He also looks at the macro level of a market, layering a shorter-term basis on top of that. He also looks at seasonality, which could be a major factor for example in the natural gas market. Finally, Michael is currently bearish on gold and expects a pullback in the near future.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode

  • Usefulness of technical analysis in predicting market movements ahead of fundamentals.
  • The importance of seasonality in the natural gas market.
  • Outlook for gold and why it could go quite high this year.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:00 – NatGas Chart & Trends
3:26 – Fundamentals?
7:13 – Thoughts on Crude
9:07 – Time Considerations
12:12 – Positioning
14:06 – Energy Strategies
20:43 – P.M. Analysis
25:10 – Gold Bull Trends
28:21 – General Equities
32:40 – Bitcoin Outlook
37:48 – Wrap Up

Guest links:

Michael Moor studied Management and Finance at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in order to get a more technical financial background. After starting with Citigroup, he moved on to be a Trader’s Assistant for Chicago Research & Trading (CRT) on the trading floor of the NYMEX, working with futures and options pit traders. He developed a reputation for consistently making large directional calls in the markets, and started Moor Analytics at the request of two Natural Gas and Crude Oil option traders. This grew to encompass over 1/4 the NYMEX membership as clients, and was the #1 large-call published analyst on the NYMEX for over 10 years until he moved the business off the floor. He has since also included European energies and Gold, and currently has proprietary traders, hedge funds, and oil companies as clientele.

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