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Kirian van Hest: Canadian “AAA” Debt & Inflation Risks

Tom welcomes Kirian van Hest back to the program. Kirian has an impressive ability to examine and absorb information. He has been investigating the Comex from multiple angles, and his recent article on the Comex is very in-depth.

Kirian discusses the Comex and where their delivery default risk may be heading in the coming months. Kirian was expecting more stimulus this fall and more investment in the precious metals. The numbers they are reporting are highly suspect, and it appears that it’s now one big fraud. He feels that by February or the latest, the middle of 2021, the Comex’s fraud will become very evident.

The Comex will do it’s best to avoid a failure to deliver by finding every scrap of gold and silver. Everyone has been waiting for the day when they default, and then the race will be on to buy whatever is left. Nobody will be willing to sell.

Kirian suspects that the run-up in Bitcoin is being driven by Tether, which he believes is a scam. Tether has a very questionable history with no transparency or audits. It’s supposed to be backed one for one with US Dollars, but he thinks they have been just printing Tether and buying Bitcoin. The market cap has been going exponential since March and has now reached 20 billion. He believes that if Bitcoin drops, Tether could blow up.

He discusses the CME group and their Bitcoin futures contracts. He questions where they plan on getting the Bitcoin, assuming it’s deliverable.

Kirian brings up several serious concerns regarding Canada’s debt and currency risk. He argues that Canada has no business being rated AAA when their CDS risk is nearing Portugals. Canada’s M1 has gone parabolic, inflation must be running hot, and concerningly they have zero gold reserves.

He discusses the difference between inflation and hyperinflation and ways investors can protect themselves. He recommends that people get out of fiat and get into the miners and buy physical metals. Those with mortgages should consider getting fixed-rate loans.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:50 – His writings
5:33 – Comex Dec. Delivery
12:16 – Bitcoin & Tether Risk
16:10 – Exchanging Tether?
20:00 – What will break Tether
22:50 – Bitcoin wallet movement
25:08 – CME Group Bitcoin Futures
28:00 – Canadian Currency Risk
45:55 – CAD Inflation & M1
49:50 – Canada’s “Gold”
53:38 – Protecting Yourself
01:00:38 – Fixed-rate loans
01:05:10 – US M1/M2 Supply
01:07:25 – US Dollar Index
01:08:00 – Article & Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Comex delivery concerns.
  • Bitcoin at risk from Tether.
  • CME Bitcoin Futures
  • Canadian inflation and currency risks.

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After the Lehman crash in 2008, Kirian “Deso” van Hest developed a rabid fascination with economics. A decade of reading later, he correctly predicted the virus becoming a pandemic, the market crash in February, The dollar high/gold bottom in March, and various other successes.

And now, he’s predicting the imminent collapse of the COMEX.

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