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Gabriel Custodiet: The War Against Your Privacy and Wealth

Tom welcomes Gabriel Custodiet to the show. Gabriel is a privacy consultant and advocate and the author of “The Watchman Guide to Privacy”.

Gabriel explains his approach to privacy which is about protecting the body and the mind. The mind is the fundamental essence of reality and relates to freedom of thought and speech. Those without privacy are at risk of becoming cogs in the system of society. If you can’t have time for your thoughts you will succumb to the narratives promoted by society, government, and the media. Privacy means not being obligated to reveal details about oneself and it’s about an individual’s choice to disclose.

He says, “The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be a lit. We should be projecting ourseleves out into the world.” Privacy remains the best protection you can have especially for protecting your wealth. There are so many rules and regulations today that the average citizen can’t avoid breaking rules. For example, there are some 30,000 words governing cabbage sales. The more laws a society has the more corrupt it has become.

There are now trillions of dollars lost to cybercrime every year. There are many databases of now public information about people floating around.

Gabriel discusses the best wa ys to obtain and hold gold privately. You also want to have some cash on hand. Be cautious because banks can shut down and governments can and do change the rules as they see fit.

We’re moving towards a cashless society and some countries like Sweeden already no longer use it. Digital forms of money are heavily tracked and surveilled.

Central Bank Digital Currencies should not be supported it seems unlikely for these to have our best interests at heart. Everything is likely to be tracked and there are numerous possible nightmare scenarios.

Offshore bank accounts can be a good idea because they can provide a backup plan outside of your home country. Note that this is more about diversification than privacy. Individuals should always consider other countries where they may be treated better. Now is a great time to evaluate the freedom levels of other nations.

Gabriel discusses the risks with crypto and how some are more private than others. Dealing with exchanges usually involves disclosing your identity and should be avoided. Like with cash try to acquire some Bitcoin privately. Being able to make transactions outside the banking system can be empowering.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
1:12 – Guest Background
2:02 – Importance of Privacy
5:12 – Mind & Protection
8:32 – Privacy & Rights
11:14 – Cybercrime
13:08 – Claims on Equities
14:40 – Crapital Controls
15:48 – Importance of Cash
18:12 – Bullion Purchasing
21:23 – Bullion Overseas?
22:52 – CB Digital Currency
26:16 – Offshore Banking
31:00 – Crypto & Privacy
35:23 – Spending Controls
37:52 – Digital Considerations
41:24 – Online Distractions
43:55 – Privacy Browsers
45:09 – Cellphone Privacy
46:40 – Choosing Freedom
48:50 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Privacy considerations and your sovereignty.
  • Cybercrime and protecting yourself online.
  • Private digital currencies and future risks from government and central banks.
  • Methods to diversify and protect your wealth.

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Gabriel Custodiet is a privacy consultant and privacy advocate. He is the author of The Watchman Guide to Privacy, available on Amazon, which is a holistic overview of how and why to be private. He also hosts The Watchman Privacy Podcast, which explores timely events and practical privacy tips, but also radical and rarely discussed ideas, from torrenting and living on the ocean to understanding how rental culture and psychopaths threaten humanity. Everything is on the table when it comes to teaching his audience how privacy is a tool to escape coercive systems, further freedom, and achieve self-mastery.

Gabriel has been living a privacy lifestyle for many years and figuring things out from research and sheer experimentation. Suffice it to say that dental receptionists do not like him and his almost entirely blank patient form. An omnivorous reader and student of global systems, cybersecurity, self-defense, and the philosophy that underpins it all, Gabriel strives to show people the value and techniques of privacy, yes, but more importantly the value of what it is protecting.

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