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Serafino Iacono: We are Setting up for a Metals Cycle Unlike Any We Have Ever Seen

Tom welcomes Serafino Iacono to the show. Serafino is the executive Chairman of GCM Mining and the founder of numerous other resource companies.

Even ignoring most factors around energy Sarafino states that we can see serious problems with the industry for the past ten years. We have a growing world demanding more energy since many parts are rapidly developing. Western nations are not living in reality and have divested away from energy and resource company development. The consequences are being felt now. Consumption continues to rise and few are figuring out how and where we will get these vital resources.

He discusses the importance of finding sustainable solutions to reduce the excessive need for plastics. We should be using glass and paper products as we have done in the past. Products shouldn’t be merely disposable instead they should be repairable and re-used. The world needs balance.

Natural gas is needed because it’s good transitional energy. Coal will still have an important role in global energy. Metals that used to be ordinary are becoming increasingly strategic. These include nickel, zinc, and lithium. In addition, there isn’t enough copper to meet the demands of electrification. Vast quantities will be needed for car chargers and electric vehicle infrastructure.

He discusses the importance of magnesium in strengthening aluminum and the consequences of dramatically rising prices.

The entire world is realigning with other countries and adjusting their priorities. The events in Russia and Ukraine have only sped up a process that was already occurring. Metals are becoming increasingly strategic and are being sourced closer to where they used in industry. Many countries’ laws are changing to prevent the export of these critical metals. Whoever invests in metals will make fortunes over the next twenty to thirty years.

He discusses how technology has improved the metal extraction business and reduced the environmental impacts. Technology is key to improving metal recovery. Lastly, Serafino discusses which countries he prefers and dislikes in Latin America.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:55 – Energy Crisis
6:49 – Developing World
10:35 – Sustainability
17:26 – Modern Metals
22:58 – Magnesium
25:52 – Geopolitics
30:12 – Metal Cycles
33:24 – Poly Metal Deposits
34:52 – Tech & Extracting
36:49 – Project Difficulties
39:06 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode

  • Energy and the consequences of a lack of capital investment.
  • The need for sustainable, reusable products.
  • Why metals are becoming increasingly strategic.
  • Technology’s importance in resources and metal extraction.

Guest Links:

Serafino Iacono is the Executive Chairman of GCM Mining and has over thirty years of experience in capital markets and public companies. He has raised more than four billion dollars for numerous natural resource projects internationally. He is currently a director and chairman of Western Atlas Resources Inc. and is a former Co-Chairman and an Executive Director of Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation and a former director of Petromagdalena Energy Corp. Mr. Iacono was also a co-founder of Bolivar Gold Corp and Pacific Stratus Energy, among others, and is involved in numerous resource and business ventures in Latin America, Canada and United States.

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