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Bill Holter: Greek Default to Trigger 48-Hour Global Meltdown!

Greece Weekend is upon us and nothing has been fixed! That is according to Bill Holter, a returning guest to Palisade Radio and a favorite amongst our listeners. Bill Holter is very vocal on how corrupt governments and central banks are mismanaging (or outright destroying) the western economy, before our very eyes. Bill is also highly regarded for his investment knowledge, and thousands of investors follow his writing every week, previously on, now with Jim Sinclair. This week, Bill came on to share a dire message with listeners about Greece.

Tune in to get the following questions answered!

● Did you know that Greek Banks may not open on Monday, as reported by the ECB?

● Can you identify which government bonds have seen yields rise 20-fold over a 4-week span?!

● Why a default in Greece is liable to create a global meltdown in just 48 hours!

● How China and Russia are teaming up to get out of the US system?

● And what China is doing in particular to create favorable deals for their economic partners.

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