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John Adams: Too Much Debt & No Going Back

Tom welcomes John Adams to the show. John is an economist and internationally recognized thought leader. He is the Chief Economist for As Good As Gold Australia, one of the most trusted Bullion Dealers.

John discusses his recent article on the Bond Market and Silver and outlines the rampant money printing occurring globally. We see a 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus in the US along with a climate change package and numerous executive orders. Besides, they are planning increases in the minimum wage and higher taxes, all of which will have an economic impact.

Bonds have been moving in recent weeks due to ongoing inflation concerns. He explains the Australian government’s actions to manage the markets and other assets like equities and metals.

We are in the most giant debt bubble in the world’s history, and it could lead to a global meltdown. Every time we have had a crisis, central banks have intervened with more liquidity, and no politician has stepped in to prevent it. The entire system is continuing to blow up debt bubbles, and the more concerning element is that central bankers are now effectively taking over governments.

John explains how Australia’s money supply has grown by over 2900% in forty years, but silver is the only asset that has not gone past its 1980 price. There doesn’t seem to be any valid economic theory that would explain this discrepancy. He argues that silver should be multiple times higher than what we see today.

The wholesale market for silver is quite tight, and the SLV has essentially defaulted by changing the terms of their prospectus. The cost of leasing silver is rising, and the critical question is do they have enough silver available to fulfill deliveries, or does further supply require a higher price. Investors should seek actual title to their silver assets instead of merely paper promises.

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Bond Market, Stimulus Programs, and Silver
  • Inflation concerns and the greatest debt bubble.
  • The silver price and massive money supply growth.
  • Does the Comex have sufficient supply at this price?

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Intro
0:34 – Bond Market Crisis Article
5:13 – Infrastructure Spending & Jobs
8:25 – Employment & Deflation
10:40 – Current Events with Bonds
15:14 – Australian Bond Markets
21:38 – Equities, Metals, and Bond Rates.
23:17 – Worldwide Depression
28:22 – Australia’s Money Supply
32:08 – Soros – Silver Moonshot
37:38 – Silver Stress Points
43:34 – Silver Dominoes
45:17 – Wrap Up

Guest Links:

John Adams is an internationally recognized thought leader and has extensive public policy, political, management consulting, and media experience. John brings a wealth of diverse skills and experiences across several industries in driving organizational and public policy outcomes.

As Chief Economist at As Good As Gold Australia, he provides analysis and commentary through economic articles and online interviews. The Australian and global economies are well into unchartered waters, awash with unprecedented levels of debt.

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