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Dave Bradley: The Debasement of Currency Has Perverted All Incentive Systems

In this engaging episode of Palisades Gold Radio, your host Tom Bodrovics welcomes Dave Bradley, a pioneering figure in the Bitcoin world. Known as Canada’s strongest and best-looking Bitcoin entrepreneur, Dave is the founder of the first Bitcoin store, co-founder of Bull Bitcoin, and a board member of Bitcoin Well.

They explore the intersection of gold and Bitcoin against the backdrop of growing awareness regarding monetary debasement and the rise of freedom movement communities.

Dave emphasizes the importance of distinguishing between money and investments, considering gold as a store of value rather than money. Many investments have taken on characteristics of money due to debasement and muddling risk-adjusted returns. He shares concerns over increased risk tolerance among individuals due to rampant central bank money printing.

The conversation delves into the emergence of alternative cryptocurrencies, which Dave views as companies competing with a protocol rather than contenders to Bitcoin’s decentralized form of money. Despite over 10,000 altcoins, most have failed to capture significant value or market cap. Dave shares his personal journey of discovering Bitcoin in 2010 and the missed opportunities that came with it, including regretful sales in the early days.

The discussion covers Bitcoin’s potential as a form of money, surpassing gold in terms of divisibility, ease of verification, and digital nature that makes it more practical for transactions. Dave notes that Bitcoin has a role to play during times of censorship. In the future role Bitcoins role will likely to continue to strengthen as traditional monetary policies falter. Dave concludes by inviting listeners to attend the Bitcoin Rodeo conference for valuable insights on real-world applications of Bitcoin.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introductions
0:40 – Freedom Groups & Sound Money
3:34 – Money Vs. Investments
5:30 – Exchange Risks & Fraud
10:47 – Alt Coins & DeFi
12:14 – His Bitcoin Background
16:17 – Lessons Learned
18:40 – The Unbalanced Portfolio
21:28 – Property Rights Erosion
22:42 – Bitcoin Vs. Gold
29:00 – Store of Value Vs Use
31:18 – A Permissionless System
32:45 – Grassroots Markets
34:45 – Trucker Protest & Gov’t
37:05 – Counterparty Risk
39:58 – Excess Energy & Solutions
44:19 – Bitcoin Mining Business
46:30 – The Future of Bitcoin?
51:25 – ETFS & Paper Promises?
55:05 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Dave views gold as a store of value and Bitcoin more as decentralized money, surpassing gold’s divisibility, ease, and digital nature for transactions.
  • Bitcoin serves as backup currency during traditional monetary policy falters; government has limited control over Bitcoin wallets during events like protests.

Guest links:
Bitcoin Conference:
Promo: $71 Off Tickets to the Bitcoin Rodeo. Use Code: “Gold”

Dave Bradley is widely known as the Strongest and Best Looking Bitcoin Entrepreneur in Canada. After getting into bitcoin in 2010, Dave founded the world’s first physical bitcoin store in 2013. Dave later went on to co-found the iconic bitcoin company, Bull Bitco

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