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Tony Anscombe: Beyond the Surface – The Crucial Role of Cybersecurity in Mining

Tom Bodrovics welcomes Tony Anscombe, ESET Chief Security Evangelist, to discuss cybersecurity in the mining sector. With over three decades in IT and cybersecurity, Anscombe stresses that security fundamentals remain crucial despite technological advancements. He highlights vulnerabilities from remote locations, outdated technology, third parties, and activists/nation states. Mining companies face significant risks, including potential for fatalities and financial losses.

A comprehensive cybersecurity framework is necessary, along with advanced technologies like EDR systems. The financial cost of cyber attacks can reach $14 trillion by 2027, affecting industries, including mining. Companies must prioritize cybersecurity and involve third parties to adhere to security policies. Anscombe also touches on the ethical implications and potential international collaboration in AI development.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:30 – Tony’s Background
2:03 – Industrial Security
6:47 – Potential Risks
10:37 – Attack Vectors
12:32 – 3rd Party Liability
14:30 – AI & Cyber Security
17:30 – Practical Solutions
19:50 – Capable People
20:58 – Global Impacts & Costs
24:16 – Reporting & Regulations
27:02 – Technical Glitches?
30:04 – AI Risks & Benefits
33:57 – Restricting AI?
36:19 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Mining companies face significant cybersecurity risks due to remote locations, outdated technology, third parties, and activists/nation states.
  • A comprehensive cybersecurity framework and advanced technologies like EDR systems are necessary to mitigate mining sector risks.
  • The financial cost of cyber attacks can exceed $14 trillion by 2027, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity for all industries.

Guest Links

Tony Anscombe is Chief Security Evangelist for ESET. With over 20 years of security industry experience, Anscombe is an established author, blogger and speaker on the current threat landscape, security technologies and products, data protection, privacy and trust, and Internet safety. His speaking portfolio includes industry conferences RSA, Black Hat, VB, CTIA, MEF, Gartner Risk and Security Summit and the Child Internet Safety Summit (CIS). He is regularly quoted in cybersecurity, technology and business media, including BBC, Dark Reading, the Guardian, the New York Times and USA Today, with broadcast appearances on Bloomberg, BBC, CTV, KRON and CBS. Anscombe is a current board member of the NCSA and FOSI. Tony is based in the USA and represents ESET globally.

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