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The Dollar Vigilante Interviews Collin Kettell: The Gold Bull Run Is On!

Most people are unaware of the dramatic rise we have seen in precious metals and mining stocks so far this year. Many wait for a price increase to start before they jump in. This could be a super cycle in gold, and now is likely the best time to invest.

The best indicator of where things are going is that a bear market is usually shorter and more dramatic than a bull market. The decline that comes before a bull market starts is usually shorter than the bull market that follows. Many of the markets have skyrocketed this year, but when you look at the longer term charts, it looks like we are only in the first inning.

Typically a bear market consists of duration and percentage drop, and in gold stocks we just came out of a 5 year bear- the longest ever going back to the 1930’s. The price decline in the 3 tiers was between an 85-90% drop. The duration and price drop are both spectacular declines.

In this interview on The Dollar Vigilante, Collin shares and describes 5 key long-term charts (the charts are also available on and He also shares some ways to get levered to the gold play and make a ton of money by using private placements- as well as other strategies.

Talking points from this week’s interview:

•Most people have no idea the gold bull market started
•We are likely in the first inning of a gold bull market
•This bull market should be longer than 5 years
•Private placements can increase your return immensely

Collin is a private investor with a highly successful investment background in the mining and energy sectors. He comes from a family with deep ties to mining and many past successes including co-founding AuEx Ventures, the company responsible for discovering the Long Canyon deposit, which was ultimately acquired by Newmont Mining for $2.2B. Collin is well connected in the capital markets and boasts an extensive background in project finance & corporate development. Collin founded Palisade Global Investments Ltd. with Sean in early 2013 with the goal of investing in and backing undervalued junior mining companies. He is also the host of Palisade Radio, the fastest growing radio show in junior mining.

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