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Kevin Wadsworth: Unleashing the Power of Precious Metals

Tom welcomes back Kevin Wadsworth of discusses various aspects of investing, highlighting the importance of risk management and identification of technical indicators to potentially predict market direction. The discussion reveals that while individual stock gains can impress, assessing the percentage gain a portfolio has made is a more significant measure of success. Specific strategies like application of stop losses and position sizing within risk management protocol are also clarified as useful investment tactics.

The evaluation of gold performance as a protective hedge against negative market outcomes is explored. The usage of ratio charts to identify gold miners overperforming the ASA index is also advocated. The analysis reveals the increasing prominence of uranium, potentially signaling a shift of capital into this sector. By judging economic indicators through a technical lens, predictions can be made regarding impending market dynamics.

A probing analysis is made of Nvidia which is nearing two trillion market cap. A possible bearish rising wedge in the company’s chart suggests a potential increase towards $1,300 by November with a subsequent post-election decline.

The interview concludes with a hypothesis regarding an impending market shift, identifying a yield curve inversion where the 10-year yield has a higher interest rate than the 2-year yield as a potential crisis signal. A shift in capital towards precious metals is predicted as a potential catalyst for real growth.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:46 – Bets & Risk Management
6:20 – Sentiment & Gold
8:43 – Gold & Mad Gainz
11:45 – Thoughts on Silver
15:05 – ASA Miners Vs. Gold
18:46 – Finding Opportunity
20:29 – Uranium Chart
25:55 – Stops & Mitigating Risk
27:10 – Volume Usefulness
30:22 – US Treasury Charts
34:44 – Big Picture Thinking
41:38 – Silver Vs. Dollar
42:40 – NVIDIA Mkt. Cap
46:04 – 10 Year Risk Matrix
53:21 – DXY Vs. Gold
56:33 – Markets This Fall
58:22 – FOMO & Gold Vs. Dollar
1:03:48 – Evidence & Confidence
1:06:39 – Wrap Up

Guest Links:

Kevin Wadsworth is a seasoned chart trader with over 15 years of experience and a strong following on social media. With a background in meteorology spanning over 30 years, he has worked in various professional roles, including military and civilian weather forecasting. Currently serving as a Civil Contingency Advisor, Kevin provides advanced warning and guidance for life-threatening weather events and collaborates with emergency response teams.

His interest in the financial world was sparked by a colleague in the early 2000s, and he became particularly fascinated after the 2008 financial crash. Drawing parallels between weather forecasting and predicting market movements, Kevin emphasizes the importance of gathering evidence from various sources, much like assessing multiple weather models. His approach focuses on presenting clear, unbiased charts based on the weight of evidence, rather than personal bias.

Kevin’s expertise lies in distilling complex information into actionable insights, whether it’s forecasting weather patterns or market trends.

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