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Doomberg: The Degrowth Movement, A War On Humanity?

Welcome back our little green chicken friend, otherwise known as Doomberg. Doomberg talks about their habit of doom-scrolling – searching for the next area of impending disaster. Defensive pessimism is discussed in relation to being prepared. With so much ‘noise’ out there, they have to find a way to stand out, and have opted for writing detailed pieces, which are distributed through a subscription model.

The rise of the Degrowth Movement, which is incongruent with capitalism and efficiency, is an example of how ‘green is the new red’. This ‘programmed socialism’ wants to shrink the economy, as can be seen at the Degrowth conference, where 18 hours of intense debates present ideas like blackouts being intentionally accepted as normal and beneficial. The levels of propoganda are staggering. We are slowly heading towards a centralized, Maoist/Stalinesque level of control.

The resistance against nuclear energy continues, despite the two being worlds apart. Millions of people live near hydroelectric dams without too much concern for safety; however, nuclear is viewed on a completely different level. Thankfully, this trend is changing, and nuclear technology is a necessary component for providing cheap, reliable power. A great example of this is Ontario, which has repealed its inefficient green energy policy to embrace nuclear energy. Canada is well-equipped with the knowledge and skills to become a world leader in this field.

Europe was lucky last winter, but this winter may be different, as they take a lot of risks. Wind generation is generally experimental and difficult to implement on a large-scale, due to failure rates which have been higher than expected.

Finally, Doomy considers the importance of having a second passport and financial diversification.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:43 – Pivotal Moments?
6:22 – The Degrowth Movement
11:57 – Alien Concepts
14:11 – Resistance to Nuclear
18:06 – Pitching Nuclear RFK
20:55 – Ontario & Nuclear
24:55 – Renewables & Politics
28:54 – European Gas Reserves
30:04 – Wind Energy & Failures
33:30 – Practical Renewables
35:03 – EROI & Nuclear?
36:53 – The Hydrogen Cycle
40:52 – Heat Pump Mandates
42:18 – BRICS & New Currency
45:19 – Doomberg’s Role
47:56 – A Second Passport?
50:05 – Bank Risk & Politics
55:33 – Crypto & Energy
58:55 – The Bonus Question
1:00:36 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Doom scrolling is searching for the next area of impending disaster, and Doomberg is fighting through the noise with detailed pieces distributed in a subscription model.
  • How the Degrowth movement is pushing Western nations towards programmed socialism.
  • Nuclear energy has advantages but has been met with a lot of resistance, but luckily, some areas like Ontario are continuing to embrace it.
  • Financial diversification and having a second passport are key elements in being financially prepared for disasters.

Guest Links:
BeyondGrowth – AKA DeGrowth:

Doomberg is the anonymous publishing arm of a bespoke consulting firm providing advisory services to family offices and c-suite executives. Its principals apply their decades of experience across heavy industry, private equity, and finance to deliver innovative thinking and clarity to complex problems.

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