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Parallel Mike: Too Big to Survive – Totalitarianism & Shifting Risks

Tom welcomes back, Parallel Mike. Mike is the host of the Parallel Systems Broadcast on YouTube where he shares finance, geopolitics and personal liberty content.

The global economy is heading for recession, with some countries likely to experience severe problems. We have a sovereign debt crisis, personal debt crisis, and a central banking problem. The entire system is insolvent, and we’re going to see more problems surfacing. The system is so interdependent that one problem starts to bring everything down. It seems certain that the only way to maintain the status quo will be to continue printing. He believes they are setting up for the end game. Inflation will start wiping out most people’s assets. It’s also important to work towards preserving your personal liberty. We’re on a path towards totalitarianism.

The control grid espoused by the WEF and Davos are deeply philosophical questions. They seem to want an imposition of a control grid with many agendas, including taking away property ownership. They’re bringing us from crisis to crisis to gain our acquiescence.

We have no idea how many liabilities banks have and the extent of their counterparty risk. It seems that central banks themselves don’t know the extent of the risk. We’re seeing countries moving away from the dollar and towards commodities like gold.

We’re moving into a period where it will be quite hard to move money without being heavily scrutinized.

Government policy around carbon is going to have a profound effect on people. It seems like they will force people into economic hardship as a control mechanism.

He discusses some of the severe market distortions that are occurring in Europe and why these may be opportunities if you think ahead.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode

  • The current financial situation and concerns regarding global agendas.
  • Why inflation is likely here to stay and people need to become as independent as possible.
  • Market distortions and the importance of a macro view to find opportunity.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – Turbulent Paths
5:45 – Freedom & Choice
9:43 – Bailin’s & Banking
13:52 – Counterparty Risks
17:32 – Gold & C.B. Trust
21:37 – Cash & System Reliance
26:47 – Carbon Taxes & Food
30:35 – Distortions & Opportunity
33:20 – Investing in Assets
38:00 – Silvers Role
40:28 – Coming Instability
46:32 – Balance of Power Risks
49:30 – Community & Taking Action
52:40 – Wrap Up

Guest Links:

Mike is a precious metal’s investor, organic farmer and host of the Parallel Systems Broadcast on YouTube where he shares content relating to finance, geopolitics and personal liberty.

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