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Eric Muschinski: Gold Breakout Above $1400 Coming in Next Two Months

Eric was a broker and involved with hedge funds for sixteen years. In 2011 he decided to focus exclusively on the pulse of the resource sector which is when he launched the “Gold Investment Letter.”

He discusses commodity ratios and how we are back at 1971 levels. Things are quite cheap right now, and there is lots of upside. We are positioned very well after such a blistering bear market. From a duration and severity perspective, it was the worst bear market in history. After an extreme bear market, you tend to have an extreme bull market.

We are seeing a flagging triangle pattern in the minors, in the next couple of months we should see a breakout. Gold is testing the highs, and there is no doubt in his mind that we are going to break out of the 1350 level. This is a big deal because every institution and speculator will likely recognize it as a breakout. When this happened in 2011, it only took nine months to hit the 1900 level.

It’s quite natural for people to feel burnt out and lethargic when it comes to the resource sector and while it’s been frustrating it’s important not to focus on the past. You need to pay attention and be aware. When you see the trend broken its time to put some money in and let things ride.

The fundamentals show that gold has done its job as an inflation hedge and that it does well over long periods of time. He discusses several resource plays.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• He sees upside in neodymium, nickel, and vanadium
• Extreme bear markets tend to follow with extreme bull markets.
• Breakout will likely happen quite quickly and may surprise some investors.

Eric Muschinski is the editor of the Gold Investment Letter ( He has been recommending gold and silver accumulation since 2003 to his clients, is Founder and CEO of Phenom Ventures LLC, President and Co-Founder of Investor Media Inc., and Co-Founder and Managing Member of Diadem Media Group. Eric has over 15 years of diverse experience in the capital markets. Initially as a general securities broker, and later becoming recognized as a specialist assisting the needs of high-net-worth investors, Eric focused his practice on alternative investments, including venture capital, private equity, and alternative investment management, exclusively for accredited investors and institutions.

Before Waveland Capital Partners where he worked from 2006-2011, Eric was Vice President and Co-Founder of GunnAllen Venture Partners where he worked with financial advisors to enhance their practice by understanding offerings and incorporating late-stage private equity and venture capital into their client services. Prior to GunnAllen, Eric served in the Private Client Group with McDonald Investments Inc., and another boutique investment bank headquartered in Chicago.

Eric specializes in alternative investment management, gold equities, hedge fund investing, private equity, equity trading/investing, gold/silver investing, business development, lead generation, and raising capital. Eric also educates sophisticated investors on how to invest in hedge funds and gain access and understanding into the burgeoning secondary market of pre-IPO private company investing. Eric studied Business Economics and Psychology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater while interning at both Piper Jaffray and Merrill Lynch.

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