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John Lee: The Epiphany Moment for Markets! – Historic Shifts Ahead

Tom Bodrovics welcomes back John Lee, a seasoned CFA with two decades in the mining industry, to discuss economic trends and his predictions since their last conversation in September 2022. Reflecting on past discussions, they touch upon various topics including the irrationality of silver markets, U.S. dollar’s rise, and the surprising impact of geopolitics on commodities like oil.

John shares his perspective on current economic issues such as persistent inflation, rising interest rates, and an inverted yield curve. He admits some errors in earlier predictions but maintains a thoughtful analysis of macroeconomic trends. John believes that large financial institutions and tech companies have significant influence on markets and are not swayed by interest rate hikes in the same way as ordinary investors.

John discusses the role of the Federal Reserve and the potential motivations behind its actions, questioning whether its primary goal is to control inflation or facilitate asset accumulation for the powerful elite. He also delves into the impact of demographics on commodities and the economy. Despite less consumer demand due to underreported population numbers in some countries like China, John remains bullish on investment demand for metals like gold.

John shares his concerns about the upcoming election and its potential market impact, believing that central banks and cartels have more control over market movements than politicians. He also advises preparing for an exit strategy with diversified assets in various currencies, metals, and geographic regions. John encourages listeners to explore his work on Twitter under the username ‘John Lee Silver Elephant’ for insights on gold, silver, and interest rates. Currently, he recommends waiting for further dollar weakness before making significant purchases of these metals.

Time Stamp References:
0:00 – Introductions
0:40 – Changes & Surprises
6:02 – Rate Hikes & No Crash?
12:12 – Thoughts on the Fed
15:53 – Yield Curve Inversion
20:52 – The Dollar & Cent. Banks
23:45 – Demographics & Commodities
29:16 – China & Economic Reporting
33:26 – Silver/Gold Ratio & Uses
38:10 – Golds Role & Public
47:27 – Election Uncertainties
50:42 – Conflict Risks & Fragility
58:46 – Diversification & Plan B
1:05:38 – Wrap Up

Talking Points From This Episode

  • Central banks and large entities manipulate markets, minimizing impact of interest rate hikes on ordinary investors.
  • How demographics and geopolitical factors can influence commodity demand and prices.
  • Why gold remains a valuable long-term investment due to increasing central bank concerns and potential digital currency adoption.

Guest Links:

John Lee, CFA, is CEO and President of Silver Elephant Mining. Mr. Lee specializes in mining M&A and has raised over $150 million through the TSX and TSX Venture Exchange for junior companies since 2009. Lee identified, negotiated and financed Lynn Lake nickel acquisition in 2009, Ulaan Ovoo coal in 2010, Wellgreen nickel-pgm in 2011, Shakespeare nickel-pgm in 2012, Pulacayo silver in 2015, Gibellini vanadium in 2017, Bisoni vanadium in 2020, and Minago nickel-pgm in 2021. Mr. Lee is a CFA charterholder and graduated from Rice University with bachelor’s degrees in Economics and in Engineering (honor).

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