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Tim Ord: We Are at the Beginning of a Three Year Up Cycle for Gold

Tim has always had a talent for numbers, which led him to study mathematics and teaching. After university, he became a stockbroker and has had a long career in trading and technical analysis.

He studies long-term market cycles, and there are 8 and 16-year cycles within precious metals. These cycles picked up the 2000 low and the 1987 low. Currently, both cycles are headed up and show a possible top around 2022-2023. That will likely be the next major point where gold consolidates. The trend is definitely upwards, and we will most likely test and possibly break all-time highs. He expects a powerful rally over a one to two-year time frame.

Tim uses a lot of indicators, like moving averages and momentum indicators to gauge investor sentiment. Momentum indicators do not lie, and if they are headed up most of the outside factors like fundamentals matter very little until a top is reached. Momentum is vital for entering into a market and determining when things are about to change. He is particularly bullish for gold since monthly momentum has shown a distinct change.

He discusses some of his favorite authors that show technical analysis, and he has his own book on the topic of patterns, breakouts and market indicators.

He sees the stock market being choppy and sideways for the next few months. Then we will likely get a stock market rally towards the end of the year. During this period gold will likely rally some more. Gold stocks, silver, and the gold to silver ratio are all looking good right now.

Time Stamp References:
0:40 – Tim’s early interest in mathematics.
2:00 – Cycle theory for gold markets.
3:30 – Probably reach old highs for gold.
5:30 – His approach to indicators.
7:45 – Market bottom techniques.
10:20 – Favorite authors and his own book.
11:35 – Outlook for the markets and gold.

Talking Points From This Week’s Episode
• Gold stocks are beginning to outperform the overall market.
• A lot of investment energy is entering the gold market.
• Investors need to keep their emotions in check.
• Monthly momentum indicators are good right now for gold.
• Silver will likely outperform gold.

Tim Ord earned a Bachelor of Science degree as a Mathematics teacher from the University of Nebraska in 1973. He became a Stockbroker in 1977 and worked his way up to Vice President and Senior Option Principal in 1981. Tim has over 25 years in trading experience.

In 1988, using his account, he places fourth nationally in the option division in “The United States Trading Championship.” He has written several articles that have been published in the “Stock and Commodities Magazine.” His first article appeared back in June 1991 where he introduced a new trading method using the N.Y.S.E. tick index. The tick index method is now used worldwide by short term traders.

This method was derived from the works of Richard Wyckoff, a gentleman who did an extensive study with price and volume back in the 1930s. Mr. Ord expanded and simplified his studies. He is frequently a guest on financial radio shows from coast to coast. Mr. Ord is president, editor, and publisher of “The Ord Oracle” established in 1990. His newsletter is a Monday through Thursday email report that trades the S&P, Nasdaq and gold issues. He is listed frequently in the top 10 market timers in the country.

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